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History Final II

***William the conqueror of England was responsible for all of the following features, EXCEPT?*** Marrying Ingeborg of Denmark
Which of the following is NOT among the four causes of the rise of the Renaissance in Italy? Government supression of art
Wich of the following is NOT among the 'Big Three' Renaissance artists? Titian
Arguably, the most enduring product of the Italian Renaissance was the generation of the concept of a Renaissance Man, in three variants. Which of the following is NOT among that grouping subservient
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the Northern Renaissance in comparison to the Italian Renaissance? More classically artistic
All of the following applied to More's Utopia, EXCEPT? Pro-capitalist and free market
Which of the following was NOT among the goals of the Brothers of the Common Life? Establishing religious communes in the New World.
All those listed below were principal characters in the indulgence drive that caused Luther to begin his protest, EXCEPT for? Henry VII
Luther used three Latin phrases to capture the essence of his religious position. Which of the following is NOT among those three? Sola christos - by Christ alone
The Consistory of Geneva opposed all of the following, EXCEPT? Relaxing of authority
Which of the following is NOT a belief or practice of the Anabaptists? Pursuing conversions through war and conquest.
***(2)William the Conqueror of England was responsible for all the following features, EXCEPT?*** Creating the official, the bailli
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