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Stack #158900

medical terminoly chap 5

adipose fatty, pertaining to fat
androgen generic term for an agent, usally a hormone (testosterone) that stimulates activity of the accessory male sex organs or stimulates the development of male characteristics
ductule a very small duct
hypodermis subcutaneous tissue layer below the dermis
integument a covering (the skin) consisting of the epidermis and dermis
systemic pertaining to the entire body, not just one part
scler/o hardening; sclera (white of eye)
xen/0 foriegn , strange
homo same
abcess walled cavity containing pus and surrounded by inflamed or necrotic tissue
acne inflammatory disease of the subaceous glands and hair follicles of the skin
bowen disease form of intraepiderdermal (squamous cells) characterized by red-brown scaly or crusted lesions that resemble psoriasis
carbuncle deep-seated pyogenic infection of the skin usually invovling subcutaneous tissue. resembles a bad boil.
chloasma pigmentary skin discoloration usually occuring in yellow-brown patches or spots
comedo small lesion of acne vulgaris caused by accumulation of karatin, bacteria, and dried sebum. (white head)
decubitus ulcer bed sore. skin ulceration caused by prolonged pressure.
dermatomycosis fungal infection of the skin
ecchymosis bruise. skin discoloration consisting of large, irregular formed hemorrhagic area with color changes from black to blue
eczema acute or chronic skin inflammation characterized by erythema, papules, vescles, pustules, scales, crust, scabs, and possible itching
erythema mild sunburn or nervous blushing. redness of the skin caused by swelling of the capillaries
eschar damaged tissue followed by a severe burn
furuncle boil. bacteria infection of the hair follicle or subaceous gland that produces pus filled lesions
hirsutism excessive hair growth in unusually places. especially women.
impeto inflammatory skin disease characterized by isolated pustules (pimple) that become crusted and rupture
karatosis wart. thicken area of the skin, any horny growth
lentigo small brown macule (blemish)
pallor unnatural paleness in the skin
pediculosis infestation of lice
pruritus intense itching
tinea any fungus skin disease
urticaria allergic reation
vitiligo milk white patches of the skin
anesthetics block the sensation of pain
antifungal alter the cell wall of fungi or disrupt enzyme activity, resulting in cell death
antihistamines inhibit in flammation
xer/o dry
debrdement removal of forgiegn material and dead or damaged tissue, in a wound, to promote healing
protectives cover, cool, dry, or soothe inflamed skin
keratolytics destroy and soften the outer layer of skin so that it is sloughed off or shed
antiseptis topically applied agents that inhibits the growth of bacteria, thus preventing infection in wounds and cuts
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