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NUR 101 Final

A pt is admitted with itching in the trunk and groin, multiple reddened wheels on the chest back and groin Are yoy taking any new medication.
when explaining a self-breast exam to a 72 y/o woman, what info should the NUR include? Choose the same day each month to examine your breast.
To spread the breast across the breast wall, you should ask the pt to do what? Put one arm over head and a pillow under shoulder.
The NUR collects the following data during the breast examination, which one should be reported? Slight dimpling noticed over both breast.
When you palpate the sinus, you are looking for? Tenderness over forehead.
To palpate over cervical lymph nodes you palpate at the same time. Why? Bilateral comparison.
The S1 heart sound can be auscultated best by listening in which location? Mitral.
The pt notes 0.5 cm flat circular brown on the fore arm, the RN documents this skin as? Macular flat, non raised lesion.
Which assessment would indicated pt is disoriented? Doesn't know where he is now.
Which question asked during RN hx to assess cognitive function? Have you noticed your ability to remember.
A pt has generative cerebral disorder, which health hx question helps to assess cerebral function? Do you have any changes in balance.
The RN is assessing the spinal accessory nerve by asking the pt to do? Shrug shoulders against the resistance.
The RN auscultates S3 and S4 in a 40 y/o pt. What should the nurse do first? Review the pt's record for previous hx of extra heart sounds.
A 36 y/o pt, seeks care for sinusitis, where should the NUR palpate? Above eyebrow.
Created by: AmbyB