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26-3 SS

social studies chapter 26 section 3

Mercantilist nations in Europe sought to limit imported goods by taxing goods from foreign countries
Inflation in Europe in the 1500s was caused by an increase in the demand for goods
An example of capitalism would be when merchants and landowners used their profits to invest in their own businesses
Which of the following is NOT an example of the Columbian Exchange? cartographers in Europe learned to draw more accurate maps
How did the introduction of horses affect Native American culture? Native Americans began to use horses for hunting and in warfare
Which of the following terms describes a situation where prices and distribution of goods are based on competition and not fixed by custom or the government? Market economy
Which term is used for the transfer of animals, foods, and diseases between the Eastern and Western hemispheres? Columbian exchange
What American crop caused population to increase in Africa and Asia? corn
Why were enslaved Africans first brought to the Americas? to work on sugar plantations in the Caribbean
What system focused on exports and acquiring precious metals? mercantilism
Why did Dutch and English landowners force peasants off of the land? to use the land in more profitable ways
Created by: ApacheundPenny