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Quehl health words

Quehl health/body words

cartilage it is firm, bendable tissue that covers the ends of some bones.
joint the place where bones meet. They help the body bend in different ways.
blood cells they are produced in the bones in the bone marrow. They carry important nutrients and oxygen to the rest of the body.
ligament they are strong stretchy tissues that connect bones to other bones at their joints.
marrow soft material that fills the spaces inside your bones. Red marrow makes blood cells.
muscle made of strong fibers that stretch and contract to move your body. You have voluntary(ones you control) and involuntary(move on their own)
rib 24 bones that form a cage around the chest. The rib cage protects the heart and lungs.
skeleton the whole set of bones in a body. It supports/protects all other organs, holds you up and gives you shape
sutures nonmoving joints that hold the bones in the skull together
skull bony covering that shapes the head and protects the brain, eyes, and ears.
spinal cord a tissue that runs through the center of the spine. It carries messages between the brain and the body's muscles and other organs.
spine the body's main support. It is a stack of 26 bones called vertebrae.
tendon they are tough bands of tissue that connect your muscles to the bones they move.
vertebrae bones that make up the spine. they surround and protect the spinal cord and all together allow the body to bend easily.
compact bone hard outside covering of the bone
spongy bone inside the ends of some bones. it looks like a sponge or honeycomb but is hard.
Created by: wildflower