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Hub Dates


1450 printing press invented
1453 (2 events) end of hundred years war, ottoman turks capture contantinople
1492 (2 events) Ferdinand and Isabella complete reconquista in spain, columbus reached Americas
1498 (3 artists) michealangelo, raphael, rabelais
1517 martin luther posts 95 theses and starts protestant reformation
1519 magellan circumnavigates the earth
1524 peasants revolt in germany
1516 Concordat of Bologna
1532 Machiavelli's prince, more's utopia
1555 peace of augsburg
1540s (3 religous groups) Jesuits, ursulines, calvinists
1545 Council of trent
1543/1564 (2 scientists) copernicus, galileo
1564 (art) Baroque
1588 defeat of spanish armada
1598 Henry IV edict of nantes
1596 (2 scientific revlolutionaries born) descartes, hobbes
1648 treaty of Westphalia, fronde in france
1630-65 hieght of Dutch commercial activitity
1642 to 1649 english civil war
1643 Louis XIV in france
1688 glorious revolution
1689 peter the great in russia
1663 colberts economic reforms in france
1685 revocation of edict of nantes
1685 (2 philosophes) monstequie, locke
1690-1790 Enlightnement
1713 peace of utrecht (ends war of spanish succession, stopped louis XIV expansion)
1763 Treaty Of paris (ends 7 years war)
1751 Encylopedia published by diderot
1772 social david ricardo and fourier
1789 social begininning of french revolution
1798 intellectual malthus principle of population
1780s economic watts steam engine
1792 artistic social romanticism, wollenstencraft
1815 poltical congress of vienna, end of napoleonic era
1816 political age of imperialism begins
`1848 (3 events) poltical/social revolutions across europe, chartisim, repeal of corn laws, communist manifesto published
1830s to 40 (movement + event) french utopian socialism, zollverein founded (34)
1840s (3 intellectuals) marx, nietzshcche, comte
1870 (3 events) political third republic in france, franco prussian war, unification of germany /italy
1861 social russian serfs emancipated
1869 economic Suez canal opened
1869 (2 art movements) realism, impressionism
1904 political RUSSO japanese war
1905 social revolution in russia
1900s social womens suffrage movement in britain
1905 political seperation of church and state in france
1900s 2 art movements cubism, modernism
1914 wwI starts
1919 treaty of versailels
1945 End of wwII, united nations,
1947 2 things Cold war begins, marshall plan
1949 political communist gov in china
1949 simone de beauvior
1956 destalinizaitno of russia
1957 economic european economic community
1961 politial berlin wall goes up
1968 2 social student rebellion in france, prague spring
1970s political detente
1973, 79 OPEC oil price increases
1989 Unification of germany, revolutions in eastern europe
1991 end of soviet union
1990 masstrict treaty
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