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Liberal Reforms

Reforms made by the Liberals 1906-11

Trade Disputes Act - Positives Reversed Taff Vale judgement, appeasing Labour MPs. Trade Union membership rose 1.9m - 4.1m in 1914.
Education (provision of school meals) Act 1906 - Pos Local authorities could provide free school meals to children with parents too poor to do so. 1914 - 14mil meals had been provided to 158k school children.
Education (provision of school meals) Act 1906 - Neg This act was permissive and could be ignored. 1913 - only half were using it. Followed Labour pressure - looked like Libs weren't in full control.
Education (medical inspection) Act 1907 - Pos Annual medical inspections for Elementary school children to try and counteract disease like TB. Resulted in a medical department in the Board of Education.
Education (medical inspection) Act 1907 - Neg Inspections were only brief and didn't always include treatment.
1908 Children and Young Persons Act - pos Introduced Juvenille courts, banned children from buying alcohol and tobacco, and made parents responsible for their welfare.
1908 OAP Act - pos 20p pw to single over 70, and 37.5p pw to married couples over 70. This could help to prevent poverty and raise living standards.
1908 OAP Act - neg Life expectancy was only 57, so not many would benefit
1909 Town Planning Act - pos Try to deal with slums and lack of good housing
1909 Town Planning Act - neg Permissive, had little effect.
1909 Trade Boards - pos Supposed to assist workers in 'sweated' industries. Consisted of employer and worker reps and intended to set min pay levels in jobs with no trade union
1910 Labour Exchanges - pos Help unemployed to find vacancies, 410 were set up and met with enthusiasm.
Labour Exchange - neg Soon complaints of queues and bureaucracy
1911 National Insurance Act -pos Payed 50p pw to those unemployed due to illness. Free meds and treatment for the insured.
Nat Insurance Act neg Only covered those earning up to £160 per year and didn't cover their families. Only for 26 weeks.
Why was the OAP Act successful for the Liberals? There were almost 1mil claiming it, costing the exchequer £12mil, making the Liberals look like the new 'interventionist' govt. OAP virtually ended outdoor relief to over 70s.
Created by: blackwid0w