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test corrections bsl

jason lost his card on a recent trip which act will limit his liability electronic fund transfer act
michelle obtained a letter from from norddtom stating that her credit application has been approved truth in lending law
craig returned a a recently purchased stereo to the electronic warehouse for a full refund last week craigs card showed up a charge for the purchase fair credit billing act
visa increased jimmys intrest rate from 10.99% to 15.99% without notifyinh him credit card act of 2009
tammy obtained a loan with an intrest rate of 39.99 %from a bank which law does this include usury law
bart has no chance of getting out of debt so he fiels for bankruptcy what chaper does he file for chapter 7
joans landlord threaten to report for ubsustained debt on her credit fair credit reporting act
marks credit report indicates non payment of a credit card bill mark wants to correct this error which act was passed fair credit reporting
jasons deli hired a sam as a consultent for hiim to help spice up the menu the ceo assings the vp of marketing to assist him empolyeer
jasons deli hires sam has a consultant too improve the menu employee
roger was discharged from hios job without a cause employemnet at will
a threat against a person buisness would violate geniune agreement
john sold a watch he ownded what termn is used to identify this term of transaction detriment
a contract to charge a set pricce legality
bill transers hjis right to rent the apartment to bob how was the contract transfered assingment
amber transfers her duty of cleaning julies house to roxanne however amber is stil responislbe for the job delegate
court case Murphy vs state of north Carolina judicial
Created by: codyclayton96
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