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Liberal Landslide

Reasons for the Liberal Landslide and why

1902 Education Act This angered nonconformists because it meant that local rates(their taxes), would be funding religious schools that they strongly opposed.
1904 Brewers Bill/Licensing Act This angered nonconformists because it gave compensation to Brewers who'd had their license revoked, and brewers were traditionally Tory supporters, so it looked like favouritism.
The 2nd Boer War (1899-1902) This revealed how unfit/unhealthy Britain's men were - 37% failed the medical and 6% of 450k men ended up as casualties.
The Chinese Labour Issue Unemployment was already high in Britain and it was revealed that cheap Chinese labour was being used in the Empire. This worried workers that it might come to Britain and that their wages might decrease.
Taff Vale Case Conservatives lost support because they failed to introduce legislation that could over rule the Lords' judgement (Companies were within their rights to sue Trade Unions, making it impossible for them to strike successfully.)
What did the Taff Vale Case encourage from unionists and workers? The formation of the Labour Party, more opposition for the Tories.
Need for Social Reform Rowntree's survey revealed that 1/3 of Britain were living at or below the poverty line, showing the need for reform. This was also shown in how unfit the army were in the Boer War. This made the Conservatives lose support because they'd made few reforms.
Attractions of the Liberal Party They offered lots of reform
Tariff Reform Possibly their biggest policy misjudgment. Made people fear dearer food prices due to higher duties on foreign goods and imperial protectionism. Also split the Tories(Balfour rejected - Chamberlain resigned).
Bad Conservative leadership -Made too many policy misjudgments -Balfour was a poor speaker -Indirectly responsible for Landslide as Balfour decided his party should resign in Dec 1905.
Created by: blackwid0w