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Sizzlin' Science

Science EOG review packet questions

How does weather move across the U.S.? West to east (from California to NC)
What weather is associated with low pressure? Storms, rainy days, cloudy days
What weather is associated with high pressure? Clear, sunny days; fair weather
What weather is associated with stratus clouds? Fog, drizzly rain
What do stratus clouds look like? Layers of wool, gray blankets covering the sky
What weather is associated with cumulonimbus clouds? Severe thunderstorms, lightning
What weather is associated with cumulus clouds? Fair; sunny skies
What do cumulus clouds look like? Puffy, floating pieces of white cotton
What do cirrus clouds usually indicate? A change in the weather within 24 hours
What do cirrus clouds look like? High, thin and wispy
What do stratus and cumulonimbus clouds have in common? Both are lower in the sky; both bring stormy weather conditions
Which severe storm brings the most rain? Hurricane
Which severe storm is likely to bring hail Thunderstorm
What type of precipitation can cause dents in a car? Hail
What is the name for a fast moving air current thAt brings stormy weather? Jet stream
What do we call an unusual winter weather condition that forms in the Pacific, bring wet winters for CA and drought conditions for Eastern countries such as Africa and Australia? El niño
What is the weather instrument that measures air pressure? Barometer
What is the weather instrument that measures wind speed? Anemometer
What are the four forms of precipitation? Rain, snow, sleet, hail
Name the six main processes in the water cycle Evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, runoff, groundwater absorption
On a hot day you will notice droplets of water on the outside of your cold glass of lemonade. What process is occurring? Condensation
What process is occurring when water vapor rises from a puddle on a hot day, or steam rises from a pot of boiling water? Evaporation
What causes the weather patterns in the US to move across the states from west to east? Prevailing winds; westerly winds
What is the characteristic fall ecosystems that determines the weather, animals and plants in that system? Climate
Which weather instrument best predicts the amount of precipitation that will occur? Barometer; it indicates high or low pressure which tells us about the coming weather
What is an unusual cooling of the water in the Pacific Ocean called? La Niña
What do we call the warm ocean current that helps keep the weather along the NC coast mild during the cooler months? Gulf Stream
What type of front exists where a cold air mass bumps against a warm one and causes strong storms? Cold front
What type of front exists where a warm air mass meets a cold one, slowly rising over it and often bringing rain? Warm front
After a warm front passes, what happens to temperature? It rises
After a cold front passes, what happens to temperature? It falls
An unusual warming of the surface water in the eastern Pacific Ocean near the equator is known as what? El Niño
What is the force that can stop objects that are in motion? Friction
You throw a dart up in the air, and it moves downward toward the dartboard. What force caused it to drop downward? Gravity
What Force pulls objects downward toward the earth? Gravity
You are pedaling your bike downhill. What causes your speed to increase? Gravity
Two kids are sitting on a seesaw the same distance apart and have the same mass. The seesaw is balanced. What will make the seesaw move? One of the kids has to move forward or backward to create an unbalanced force?
You kick a soccer ball across a grassy field. Eventually it comes to a rest. What force caused it to come to a stop? Friction
What type of living things are producers? Plants
What are decomposers? Organisms that break down dead and decaying plant and animal life and return the nutrients to the soil.
Name four decomposers. Mushrooms, fungus, earthworms, bacteria, mold
In which ecosystem are zebras, lions and gazelles found? Savanna
Which ecosystem has a very cold climate, limited plant and animal life, and evergreen trees? Taiga
What is an omnivore? Organism that eats both plants and animals
What is a carnivore? Organism that eats mostly meat (other animals)
What is an herbivore? Organism that eats only vegetation (plants)
What are the LIVING factors of an ecosystem called and name 4. BIOTIC factors - trees, grass, animals, bacteria
What are the NONLIVING factors of an ecosystem called and name 4 ABIOTIC factors - sunlight, water, rocks, air
What is a niche? The job or role that an organism has in its ecosystem.
What is the movement of water between the earth's surface and atmosphere called? The water cycle
What do we call the mixture of gases and dust that surrounds the earth? Atmosphere
In what layer of the atmosphere does weather occur? Troposphere
All objects are made up of _________. Mat
What is matter? Anything that has MASS and takes up SPACE?
What force stops objection motion? Friction
If an object's mass increases, what happens to its gravity? It's gravity increases
You want to increase the amount of friction on an icy road so your car doesn't slide. What can you add to create more friction? Salt, sand, or chains on your wheels
A book is resting on a desk. What force is at work here? Balanced force
What is weather? The condition of the atmosphere at a CERTAIN, SPECIFIC time and place
What is the characteristic of of all ecosystems which determines the plants, animals and weather in that ecosystem? Climate
Which weather instrument best predicts the amount of precipitation that will occur? Barometer -reads air pressure, low means lousy weather (precipitation) coming
Objects moving in a straight path are moving in what type of direction? Constant direction
How does air resistance affect the motion of the object. It reduces the objects speed (ex. A parachute slows down a skydiver)
A group is playing tug of war and the rope slides back and forth between teams. What force is at work here? Unbalanced force
In which ecosystem are lichen, polar bears, seals and permafrost found? Tundra
What is the initials our e of energy for all food chains? The sun
If the distance between two objects increases, what happens to its gravity? It increases
Name four herbivores. Deer, goats, zebras, horses, cows and many others.
Name some omnivores. Humans, bears, chimpanzees, raccoons, rats, pigs, dogs, cats.
Name some carnivores Lions, tigers, sharks, wolves, alligators, polar bears, hawks, eagles, whales, spiders.
What are some human activity that destroy ecosystems? Deforestation, clearcutting, building, pollution
What happens to an animal species when there are less predators? Animal population increases, which leads to competition, and eventually the population decrease because fewer can survive.
Where do plants get the food they need? Photosynthesis, they make their own food.
How does photosynthesis work? Plants take in carbon dioxide, sunlight and water and use it to create sugar (food) which they store, and oxygen which they give off.
What is the most nutrient rich ecosystem? Tropical rainforest
Which ecosystem has the largest amount of animal and plant species? Tropical rainforest
Which ecosystem is found along the equator? Tropical rainforest (remember, it is warm near the equator)
Which is the coldest ecosystem? Tundra
What are the three main types of organisms in every food chain? Producers -->. Consumers --> Decomposers
What are some of the main factors of any ecosystem? Climate, air, space, plants, animals, food
What is an inherited trait? A characteristic that a living thing gets from its parents (ex. Eye color)
Can physical features and behaviors both be inherited? Yes (ex. A baby's hair color and ability to cry to communicate hunger)
What down call a group of the same kind of organisms that live in the same area at the same time? A population
Characteristics that a living thing gets after birth and during its lifetime are called what? Acquired traits (ex. A scar, a chipped tooth, a broken bone)
What is a type of skill that an animal develops after an animals is born? Learned behaviors (example, bears learn to search dumpsters for food, humans learn to read and write)
You were born with two arms and two legs. What type of trait is this? Inherited
What is a barometer? Weather instrument that measures air pressure
What is an anemometer? a ant
Created by: mrswaibel
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