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Appendix B: Abbreviations and Symbols - Q – Abbreviations & Symbols & A – Meanin

ā before
A anterior; assessment
A&P auscultation and percussion
A&W alive and well
AB abortion
ABG arterial blood gas
a.c. before meals
ACE angiotensin-converting enzyme
ACS acute coronary syndrome
ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone
AD right ear
ad lib. as desired
ADH antidiuretic hormone
ADHD attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
AIDS acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
AKA above-knee amputation
alb albumin
ALS amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
ALT alanine aminotransferase (enzyme)
a.m. morning
amt amount
ANS autonomic nervous system
AP anterior-posterior
APKD adult polycystic kidney disease
aq water
AS left ear
ASD atrial septal defect
AST aspartate aminotransferase (enzyme)
AU both ears
AV atrioventricular
Symbol 0
BAEP brainstem auditory evoked potential
BAER brainstem auditory evoked response
BCC basal cell carcinoma
BD bipolar disorder
b.i.d. twice a day
BKA below-knee amputation
BM bowel movement
BMP basic metabolic panel
BP blood pressure
BPH benign prostatic hypertrophy; benign prostatic hyperplasia
BRP bathroom privileges
BS blood sugar
BUN blood urea nitrogen
Bx biopsy
[C with bar above] 0
with 0
C Celsius; centigrade
C&S culture and sensitivity
CABG coronary artery bypass graft
CAD coronary artery disease
cap capsule
CAT computed axial tomography
CBC complete blood count
cc cubic centimeter
CC chief complaint
CCU coronary (cardiac) care unit
CF cystic fibrosis
CHF congestive heart failure
CIN cervical intraepithelial neoplasia
CIS carcinoma in situ
cm centimeter
CMP comprehensive metabolic panel
CNS central nervous system
c/o complains of
CO cardiac output
CO2 carbon dioxide
COPD chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
CP cerebral palsy; chest pain
CPAP continuous positive airway pressure
CPD cephalopelvic disproportion
CSF cerebrospinal fluid
CSII continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion
CT computed tomography
CTA computed tomographic angiography
cu mm or mm3 cubic millimeter
CVA cerebrovascular accident
CVS chorionic villus sampling
CXR chest x-ray
d day
D&C dilation and curettage
D&E dilation and evacuation
DC discharge; discontinue; doctor of chiropractic
DDS doctor of dental surgery
DJD degenerative joint disease
DKA diabetic ketoacidosis
DO doctor of osteopathy
DPM doctor of podiatric medicine
dr dram
DRE digital rectal exam
DTR deep tendon reflex
DVT deep vein thrombosis
Dx diagnosis
ECG electrocardiogram
echo echocardiogram
ECT electroconvulsive therapy
ECU emergency care unit
ED erectile dysfunction
EDC estimated date of confinement
EDD estimated date of delivery
EEG electroencephalogram
EGD esophagogastroduodenoscopy
EKG electrocardiogram
EMG electromyogram
ENT ear, nose, and throat
EPS electrophysiological study
ER emergency room
ERCP endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography
ESR erythrocyte sedimentation rate
ESWL extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
ETOH ethyl alcohol
EUS endoscopic ultrasonography
F Fahrenheit
FBS fasting blood sugar
Fe iron
FH family history
fl oz fluid ounce
FS frozen section
FSH follicle-stimulating hormone
Fx fracture
g gram
GAD generalized anxiety disorder
GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease
GH growth hormone
GI gastrointestinal
gm gram
gr grain
gt drop
gtt drops
GTT glucose tolerance test
GYN gynecology
h hour
H&H hemoglobin and hematocrit
H&P history and physical
HAV hepatitis A virus
HBV hepatitis B virus
HCT or Hct hematocrit
HCV hepatitis C virus
HD Huntington disease
HEENT head, eyes, ears, nose, and throat
HGB or Hgb hemoglobin
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
hpf high-power field
HPI history of present illness
HPV human papilloma virus
HRT hormone replacement therapy
h.s. hour of sleep
0 0
HSV-1 herpes simplex virus type 1
HSV-2 herpes simplex virus type 2
Ht height
HTN hypertension
Hx history
I&D incision and drainage
ICD implantable cardioverter defibrillator
ICU intensive care unit
ID intradermal
IM intramuscular
IMP impression
IOL intraocular lens
IP inpatient
IUD intrauterine device
IV intravenous
IVP intravenous pyelogram
IVU intravenous urogram
JCAHO Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
kg kilogram
KUB kidneys, ureters, bladder
L liter
L&W living and well
LASIK laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis
lb pound
LEEP loop electrosurgical excision procedure
LH luteinizing hormone
LLETZ large-loop excision of transformation zone
LLQ left lower quadrant
LP lumbar puncture
lpf low-power field
LTB laryngotracheobronchitis
LUQ left upper quadrant
m meter
Symbol 0
MCH mean corpuscular (cell) hemoglobin
MCHC mean corpuscular (cell) hemoglobin concentration
MCV mean corpuscular (cell) volume
MD medical doctor; muscular dystrophy
mg milligram
MI myocardial infarction
ml or mL milliliter
mm millimeter
mm3 or cu mm cubic millimeter
MPI myocardial perfusion image
MRA magnetic resonance angiography
MRI magnetic resonance imaging
MS multiple sclerosis; musculoskeletal
MSH melanocyte-stimulating hormone
MUGA multiple-gated acquisition (scan)
MVP mitral valve prolapse
NAD no acute distress
NCV nerve conduction velocity
NG nasogastric
nasogastric 0
NK natural killer (cell)
NKA no known allergy
NKDA no known drug allergy
noc. night
NPO nothing by mouth
NSAID nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drug
NSR normal sinus rhythm
O objective
O2 oxygen
OA osteoarthritis
OB obstetrics
OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder
OCP oral contraceptive pill
OD right eye; doctor of optometry
OH occupational history
OP outpatient
OR operating room
ORIF open reduction, internal fixation
OS left eye
OU both eyes
oz ounce
P plan; posterior; pulse
PA posterior-anterior
PACU postanesthetic care unit
PaCO2 partial pressure of carbon dioxide
PaO2 partial pressure of oxygen
Pap Papanicolaou (smear)
PAR postanesthetic recovery
p.c. after meals
PCI percutaneous coronary intervention
PD panic disorder
PDA patent ductus arteriosus
PE physical examination; pulmonary embolism; polyethylene
PEFR peak expiratory flow rate
per by or through
PERRLA pupils equal, round, and reactive to light and accommodation
PET positron-emission tomography
PF peak flow
PFT pulmonary function testing
pH potential of hydrogen
PH past history
PI present illness
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
PIH pregnancy-induced hypertension
p.m. after noon
PLT platelet
PMH past medical history
PMN polymorphonuclear (leukocyte)
PNS peripheral nervous system
p.o. by mouth
post-op postop or postoperative
PPBS postprandial blood sugar
PR per rectum
pre-op or preop preoperative
p.r.n. as needed
PSA prostate-specific antigen
PSG polysomnography
pt patient
PT physical therapy; prothrombin time
PTCA percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty
PTH parathyroid hormone
PTSD posttraumatic stress disorder
PTT partial thromboplastin time
PUD peptic ulcer disease
PV per vagina
PVC premature ventricular contraction
Px physical examination
q every
q.d. every day, daily
qh every hour
q2h every 2 hours
q.i.d. four times a day
q.o.d. every other day
qt quart
R respiration
RA rheumatoid arthritis
RBC red blood cell; red blood count
RLQ right lower quadrant
R/O rule out
ROM range of motion
ROS review of symptoms
RP retrograde pyelogram
RRR regular rate and rhythm
RTC return to clinic
RTO return to office
RUQ right upper quadrant
Rx recipe; prescription
S subjective
SA sinoatrial
SAB spontaneous abortion
SAD seasonal affective disorder
SC subcutaneous
SCA sudden cardiac arrest
SCC squamous cell carcinoma
SH social history
Sig: instruction to patient
SLE systemic lupus erythematosus
SOB shortness of breath
SPECT single-photon emission computed tomography
SpGr specific gravity
SQ subcutaneous
SR systems review
Symbol 0
STAT immediately
STD sexually transmitted disease
SUI stress urinary incontinence
suppos suppository
SV stroke volume
Sx symptom
T temperature
T3 triiodothyronine
T4 thyroxine
T&A tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy
tab tablet
TAB therapeutic abortion
TB tuberculosis
TEDS thromboembolic disease stockings
TEE transesophageal echocardiogram
TIA transient ischemic attack
t.i.d. three times a day
three times a day TM
TM tympanic membrane
TMR transmyocardial revascularization
tPA or TPA tissue plasminogen activator
Tr treatment
TSH thyroid-stimulating hormone
TURP transurethral resection of the prostate
TV tidal volume
Tx treatment; traction
UA urinalysis
UCHD usual childhood diseases
URI upper respiratory infection
US or U/S ultrasound
UTI urinary tract infection
VC vital capacity
VCU or VCUG voiding cystourethrogram
V/Q ventilation/perfusion
VS vital signs
VSD ventricular septal defect
VT tidal volume
w.a. while awake
WBC white blood cell; white blood count
WDWN well developed, well nourished
wk week
WNL within normal limits
Wt weight
x times; for
x-ray radiography
y.o. or y/o year old
yr year
° degree; hour
increase; above
decrease; below
θ none; negative
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