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DEOMI (test 3)

Define key terms associated with extremism; what is Ideology? set of beliefs about nature of people/society.
Define key terms associated with extremism; what is extremism? Tendency or disposition to go to extremes
Define key terms associated with extremism; what is an extremist? Person favoring/resorting to immoderate/uncompromising/fanatical methods of behavior.
Define key terms associated with extremism; what is supremacism? Belief that particular Race/religion/gender/species/belief system/culture is superior to others
Identify prohibited activities per DoDi 1325.06 Military members can't ACTIVELY ADVOCATE: supremacist, extremist, gangs, causes or ideologies that advances/encourages/advocates ILLEGAL DISCRIMINATION or use of FORCE, VIOLENCE, CRIMINAL ACTIVITY that/to deprive civil rights
Identify prohibited activities; what does "ACTIVE PARTICIPATION" include? Fundraising, Demonstrating, Recruiting/ting/organizing/leading, distributing material, wearing gang colors, otherwise engaging/furthering objecives
Identify 7 stages of hate 1)Grouping 2)Defining 3)Disparaging 4)Taunting 5)Attacking w/o weapons 6)Attacking w/ weapons 7)Destroying
Recognize extremist ideologies Nationalism, Supremacy, Separatism, Anarchism, Religion, Eco-terrorism
Recognize traits & symbols associated w/ extremism & hate groups Character Assassination, name-calling/labeling, sweeping generalizations, inadequate proof for assertions, tendency to view opponents & critics as essentially evil, dualism worldview, tendency to argue by intimidation, slogans/buzzwords/thought stopping c
Recognize traits & symbols associated w/ extremism & hate groups assumption of moral superiority, doomsday thinking, bad okay if for good cause, personalize hostility, emphasis on emotional responses, hypersensitive-vigilant, supranational rationale, double-standards
State extremist organizations recruiting motives toward DOD personnel Discipline, access to weapons & Intel, knowledge of firearms/explosives, tactical skills
Describe strategies to combat extremism
Created by: tmjust4u
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