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Religious Div/Accom

DEOMI (test 3)

Define Religion as defined by DoD d 1350.2 Personal set/institutionalized system of attitudes, moral/ethical beliefs & practices that'r held w/ the strength of traditional religious views, characterized by ARDOR & faith and generally evidenced thru specific religions observances.
Describe how DOD addresses Religious Accommodations requests. 1) Chaplains 2) Oath 3) Conscience Objector 4) Clergy-Penitent Privilege 5) Worship 6) Federally funded Burial/Headstones 7) Common Religious Accommodation Requests: a) time off for observances, b)apparel, c)dietary, d) medical
In order for communications between a SM & a chaplain to be to be privileged to non-disclosure (clergy-penitent privilege), what three rules apply? Communicate, must be 1) made in an official capacity, 2) Intended to be private, 3) made as a matter of conscience/formal act of religion
Describe how DOD addresses Religious Accommodations; what DOD instruction gives guidance on religious accommodation. DoDi 1300.17
Describe how DOD addresses Religious Accommodations; what does 1300.17 say commanders must be prepared to explain if they do NOT grant religious accommodation? CCs must explain how granting it would have an adverse impact on READINESS, SAFETY & GOOD ORDER/DISCIPLINE
State how to recognize religious discrimination; what 7 things can you look for? Discounting Jokes/Slurs Mandating Stereotyping Exclusion Ignoring/Indifference Harassment
Describe how strategy would be applied to combat religious discrimination in the military 1) EOA Involvement 2) Research on various faith groups 3) Be aware/capable of advising 4) Research unit demographics 5) Work w/ chaplain 6) Stress to CCs the: Importance of faith/accommodation, Rights & Importance of understanding 1300.17.
Which type of religious discrimination is the "tendency to think a person is trying to gain special privileges"? Discounting
Which type of religious discrimination is "failing to recognize/address" religious needs? Ignoring
Which type of religious discrimination is the "lack of concern" for religiously focused concerns (including those who wish to be free from religion)? Indifference
Created by: tmjust4u
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