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Water Distribution

Causes taste problems and has a rotten egg odor Hydrogen sulfide
The pumping water level is best defined as the distance from the top of the well to the water after the pump has been operating for a period of time
A weir should be used to measure water in what locations? open channels
Most important reason for maintaining a continuous positive pressure throughout the distribution system? Prevent contamination from backflow
Sodium hypochlorite should be stored where? Away from equipment that is susceptible to corrosion
pH range that would deposit a thin film of calcium carbonate on the inside surface of a pipe? 8.0-9.0
The process of adding chlorine to water until the chlorine demand has been satisfied is called? Breakpoint chlorination
Chlorine is most effective at destroying bacteria when the pH level is what? 7.5
What is the purpose of grouting a well? Prevents contamination
The melting point of a chlorine cylinder fusible plug? 158 to 165 degrees F
Connects a service line to the water main corporation stop
Specific gravity of chlorine gas 2.5
Prevents the well wall from collapsing casing
The water bearing layer of porous soil or rock under the ground is called aquifer
Difference between static level and pumping level in a well drawdown
The water table is defined as the upper level of zone saturation
When setting up a one ton chlorine container the valves must be oriented vertically
Indicates a chlorine leakage in a chlorine room red and green deposits on metal
The influx of sand into a well can be minimized by using a screen
This is not a concern when water pressures in a distribution system is excessively high excessive foaming
Problems resulting from excessively high pressure in a water distribution system customer complaints, service line leaks, decreased life of customer water heaters
The vent for ventilating a chlorine room should be located near the floor
The best time to flush water mains late at night
When chlorine is being drawn from a one ton container through the lower valve, what piece of equipment must be used prior to the injector? evaporator
How many pounds of chlorine gas can be removed from a one ton chlorine container in a 24 hour period? 360 lbs
Sometimes applied to the inside of steel chemical storage tanks to prevent corrosion? rubber
When evaporated, one volume of chlorine liquid will form approximately how many volumes of chlorine gas? 450
This pump should never be started with the discharge valve closed? piston
The type of drawing an operator would use to determine if a water line crosses over or under another utility line? elevation view
Prevents water supply contamination backflow preventer
Indicates the empty weight of a chlorine cylinder tare weight
Chemical used to locate chlorine leaks ammonia
SCBA stands for self contained breathing apparatus
Where should SCBA be kept in preparation for a chlorine emergency? Immediately outside the chlorine room.
Location of the fusible plug on a 150 lb chlorine cylinder on the valve
How many pounds of chlorine gas can be removed from a 150 lb chlorine container in a 24 hour period? 38 lbs
Galvanic corrosion occurs when two dissimilar metals are in contact
RPZ backflow preventer must be must be mounted at least 12" above the surface
Probes, floats and bubbler tubes are used for detecting liquid level
A loss in pump efficiency could be caused by worn impeller
When flushing a water main, where would you measure the residual pressure? nearest hydrant
Properties of chlorine gas greenish-yellow, oxidizer, inhalation hazard
When evacuating a chlorine leak area you should Keep your head high and move upwind of the leak.
Primary consideration in determining the size of a municipal water distribution system fire flow requirements
If a one ton chlorine container is leaking, you should Rotate the container so gas escapes instead of liquid.
When using the air gap method of backflow prevention, the distance from the inlet potable water line and the overflow level of the non-potable container must be at least two inlet pipe diameters distance
Most important thing to check before starting a gasoline powered engine oil level
The packing gland on a pump with packing, should be adjusted so the leakage equals about one drop per second
The "C" factor and "f" factor of a pipe refer to the smoothness of the inside of the pipe
When lubricating an electric motor, excess grease increases temperature
To measure the flow of chlorine gas you would likely use a rotameter
Electrical current flow is measured in amps
Electrical potential is measured in volts
Part of a pump that keeps water in the volute and keeps air out is packing
Closing a valve too quickly can cause water hammer
Simplest form of flow measurement weir
Internal leakage in a centrifugal pump volute is minimized by using wear rings
Three types of water distribution layouts grid, tree, and loop
Unit for measuring blower performance cfm (cubic feet per minute)
If a centrifugal pump has a small amount of leakage around the pump packing, this indicates that the packing is being lubricated
Why should water hammer be avoided? It can cause pipes to break
Valve that allows flow in one direction check valve
Electric motors should be cleaned by blowing with compressed air
A valve that should not be used to throttle flow gate valve
What unit measures electrical power? watts
The center of the inside bottom of a pipe is called the invert elevation
Measures the rotational speed of an electric motor shaft tachometer
Usually the first part to wear out on a reciprocating pump packing
Installed to control water hammer surge chamber
Used to compensate for slight misalignment between a centrifugal pump and the motor shaft flexible coupling
The ability of water to neutralize acids is called alkalinity
Scale build up inside a pipe will cause headloss
pH measures the concentration of Hydrogen ions
Minimum pressure a distribution system should maintain, even under fire flow demands 20 psi
The device used in checking water flow to consumers is a water meter
This type of meter has no moving parts venturi
A customer's service is usually measured with what type of meter? positive displacement
Reagent used to measure chlorine residual in water diethyl-p-phenylendiamine (DPD)
The rotating element in centrifugal pumps is called the impeller
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