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DEOMI (test 3)

Recall foundation for Sexim Belief/attitude; one gender superior. Sexism = prejudice that may lead to discrimination
Recall foundation for sexism; where might it stem from Traditional stereotypes of gender roles and gender typing (established during our socialization)
Recall foundation for sexism; what is socialization? Educational process from which values, beliefs, attitudes, goals, gender roles are acquired (primary method of learning culture)
Recall foundation for sexism; what is gender typing? Process by which children learn gender roles
Recall foundation for sexism; what are gender roles? Behaviors, interests, attitudes, skills and personality traits a culture deems appropriate for gender.
Recall foundation for sexism; what are values attitudes & prejudice (& how do they play a role in sexism)? Values = something important/belief, part of our self-concept. + Attitude (feeling/state of mind) = Prejudice (faulty/inflexible generalization).
Define sexist behavior Verbal/non-verbal behavior conveying insulting/offensive/condescending attitudes on gender
Define sexist behavior using Dr. Allport's Levels of Intensity. Antilocution (catcalls/namecalling//badmouth Avoidance (joining Fe/male clubs, Sep wk areas Discrimination (estb. clubs, un=pay/=wk, jobs) Physical attacks (inc. Sabotage/vandalize) Extermination (inc. ignoring/they don't exist)
List Influences that perpetuate sexism. Media Stereotyping Societal Influences Cultural Influences Institutions Roles
List Societal influences that allow/perpetuate sexism. Behavior Ability Psychology/Personality Ignoring Pro-sexism
List the roles institutions play in allowing/perpetuating sexism Job role labels (woman doctor/male nurse) Unnecessary division (waiter/waitress) Media (sexual images, sex sells)
Describe historical events that contributed to sexism in military. 3Rs Reject (women not wanted in army) Recruit (Spn/Amer 1898; MTFs hired women) Reject (were contractors, not mil) Recruit (switchboard operators) Reject (terminated) Recruit (mil nurses w/ rank but no privldgs)
List factors that impact full integration of women in military. Psychological Physical Pregnancy Issues Leadership Issues Sexual Harassment First Name use(implies superiority/disrespect)
List factors that impact full integration of women in military regarding ego defense mechanisms Denial (no way she outdid me in pushups) Projection (blaming) Rationalization (Boys'll be boys)
Identify strategies to prevent/eliminate sexism in military Self analysis/awareness Model behavior (walk talk/challenge inappropriate & advocate fair behaviors Keep current on EO issues/info Education/Ting at all levels
Identify strategies to prevent/eliminate sexism in military regarding leadership Policy/administration Prevention (Climate assessments) Set/be example Mission (use all, 0 tolerance for - impact)
Created by: tmjust4u
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