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a person who is overweight burn the same amount of calories as a thin person walking the same rate and distance flase
jack an 80 old man has the same spefic nturional needs as jill and 18 year old female flase
daily value for sodium is found on the nutrition facts panel true
a pregame is reccomned 3-4 hours be4e a game true
what is (haccp)? hazard analysis control point
seving size must be inctited on what? flase
consuming a very low carbohydrate diet increases the risk of build up of ketone bodies true
some microorgraimis create a postive effetcs on food taste and texture true
vitmain toxicy occurs when daily vitman needs are not met over an extended peroid flase
laction is a lide stage event that requires extra nutreinets in the womens diet true
food in the dairy group are high in protein and calicum true
excess fat-soluble vitamins in the diet are eliminated from the body thru urine flase
babies should not be given cows milk bc it doesnt have enough iron and too much calicum flase
excess fat stored around the abdomen poses a greater health risk than excess fat stored aorund the hip area true
laction is a life stage event that requries extra nuterinets in the womans diet true
woman dosent need more claorie per pound of bodys weight per hour to support bsasl metabolism than men do flase
egg yolk and fortifed dairy products are exclenet sources of preformed vitamin a true
childern today are more likely to become overweight thier ancestors true
because foods can be contimated during processing and handling,food producres have little responsibility for assuring food safety flase
people can contract hepatitisa A and norwalk virus by eating raw and undercooked eggs flase
proboitics are the good microorganisms that offer health benfits when eating om sufficent amounts true
foods high in fat are aslo calorie dense true
according to my plate,the food group should repsent equal respent portions to your meals flase
protein-rich foods provide the glycogen athlets need to build and repair tissue flase
provitmans are compunds the body can convert into acitve forms of vitmans true
what is (dri)to plans thier own diet meals dietary refernce intake
women who are above or below healthy weight are more likely to experiance prombles during pregncey true
ketosis can be harmful bc it changes the acid-base balance of blood true
growth is more rapid during infacny than ar any other time in the life cycle true
phytochemilcal can be found in greates amounts in meats and polutry flase
research has shown that taking salt tablets is the most effective ways to replace soduim lost during physcial activity flase
the amount of food people should consume is influnced by thier level acitvity true
for althets involed in strength training,portein supplements drinks are essentail flase
a diet anaylsis is desinged to tella person if he or she needs to lose weights flase
daily valuse are based on ? claoreis on the nutrition fatcs panel4 various nutreinets true
all the facotrs that impact bmr can be cahnged flase
foods that are high in calories from soild fats and added sugars are consdired nutrient dense flase
for most peole,apporoximately 75% of energy output is for physcical activity flase
power foods such as portein drinks enhcance atheltic performance flase
one way to learn how to change eating patterns is thru nutrition education true
dietary refence intake is to intake what meet nutritional requirements for spefic groups such as the military
as people age,thier abilty to absorb some nuterinets decares true
over 50% of adults in the united states are more then_% overweight 20
a person's calorie needs increase during adulthood,especially after age 50 flase
the tempautre in the refrigeator should be 40f or above false
the term adolsecnece refer to a spefic life cycle stage true
vitmasne that are known to be especially toxic to the body if consumed in lagre amounts over long peroid are e and k
which will fit the dlevoping needs of a grwoing 3- year-old apple slices and granham crackers
whixh of the following are found in both vegetables and protein foods grops beans and peas
which of the following is not a food group on my plate oils
goverment agcney is resopnbile for the truthful adversting of food claims (epa) u.s envoirmental portection agency
opposite optimum health on the wellness continuum is physcail health
these vitmans are antioxdants c and e
his/her has little control over a health fatcor heridty
a 3-ounce serving of meat is about the size deck of playing cards
postive outcome of peer pessure among teens teens are encouraged to participate in health-proting activites,such as sports
this is Not reccomned a pracitce by health experts skiping breakfast to control calorie intake
who is at MOST at risk for danger 4m food poising pregnant women
my plate recommends including at least _ of cooked seafood 6ounces
who is primary responsible for healthful lifestyle choices an indiviual
thid vitman helps especially imporant during the first weeks of pregnancy toi help prevent nerual tube damge to the fetus folate
When carbs are Not availabe to the body, what hapens the body will slowly begin to convert fatty acids into ketone bodies for energy needs
athlest best chioce to drink be4e a competition water
acceptable percent body fat for most male athletes is_ and for women athletes is _ 15-17% and women is 8-10%
a good source of vitamin c grapefruit
how many servings that product would a person need to eat to consume 100 precnet of the daily value for fiber 4 to 5
how do lifestyle choices realte ti health outcomes lifestyle choices can lead to health improvement or health decline
high-qualtily source of protein for an athlets diet fruit
wellness a doctors verification that a person is healthy
s person who foucs on staying physically ,meantally and socially healthy practices an approach to wellness unrealtisc
this factor is esmitaed to grealty infulance peole's health and wellness heredity
main function of vitamin k regukates levels of calicum in blodd stream
the safest way to thaw meat on the kitchen counter
stress is the inner agitaion a perso feels in respone to change
athelts goal when trying to gain weight to expand fat stores
percent daily vaules on nutriyion panel are based on a _ calorie diet 2,000
this vitiman poses the greatest risk for deficiency who eats no food 4m animals sources vitman b6
preagnet women who carve and ingest non food materials such as clay,soil and chalk are practing osteomalacia
which tip should be follow to prevent food borne illness shop for refrigeated,and frozen lasts
fda cautions women who are pregnant or may be come pregnant to limit consumption of what foods high in fiber
which of the following is correct oils are fats that are soild at room temperature
according to my plate, which of the follwoing foods should you reduce for a healthier eating plan sugary drinks
a promble with carb loading is respiratory distress,water loss,muscule stiffness
this can infer with vitamin absorption diarrhea
which is true about safe food preparation using a microwave oven microwave ovens cannot cook foods to safe tempautre
primary purpose for setting new lifestyle goals and delvoping behavior -change contratcs is to make postive changes for imporved health
a diet lacking in _ could increase the risk of osteoporosis calicum
foods that are high in soild fats and added sugar are consdired empty calories
which food itmes are condiered a refined grain white rice
tis consired a health-risk lifestle choices smoking cigarettes
what is indicated by a milk carton labled fortified with vitamins a and d two nuterinets have been added during processing
a leaving agent yeast
recommended daily intake for _ increased for pregnant women folate
why is flour enriched to add lack nutrients lost in processing
which statement is true baked potato is more nutrient dense than french fired potatoes
the prferred fuel gor brain and nerve cell functioning is carbs
what health and fitness promblem is negatively affecting the wellness of people in the united states higher than recommneneded intake of fats,cholestrol,soduim and sugar
one cause of vitman deficeny is fauilre of the body ti absorb the vitamins
most associated with herdity having one parent dignosed with diabetic
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