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100 years war

Reason for war. England and France fought a series of wars cause king from france said that land was his and king from england said that land was his.
Joan of Arc's story 17 year old french peasant girl claimed she heard voices of saints urging her to fight in the war. she fought, was captured, burned, then became a saint.
impact of war on feudalism. shifted power from lords, monarchs, common people.
military technology nights/castles were less useful. longbow was effective against nights on horses. armies used gunpowder.
nationalism new feeling of nationalism which shifted power away from lords. many peasants felt more loyal. sense of national unity and patriotism in england/france
peasants during was, peasants were forced to serve in army and pay heavy taxes. whoever survived war became soldier/workers. able to have greater power and influence over their own lives.
Created by: mia culberson