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Red Module

Diagnostic Testing Review (Short Answers)

what information should a requisition include -demographics -health card number -physician -test required -any additional info requested -names of doctors who should receive results -indicate date/time for surgery (if booked) -medications -specific reporting instructions
what duties must MOA perform to ensure patient understands everything they need to know about diagnostic test that has been ordered -where to go -how to prepare -what to expect -how long it will take -what will happen -should someone go with them -if sedation is required -how much discomfort is involved -can they drive after -any special instructions for after
what is the standard protocol when taking results over the phone -repeat all recorded info back to the caller -repeat patient's name -type of test and values -do not rush -read the values back -get phone number and name of caller -if abnormal/critical values, report to physician immediately
why is diagnostic testing a useful tool for physicians -establish diagnosis -monitor progress treatment -health promotion -disease prevention-detect problems early-facilitate prompt treatment-establish baseline results-legal purposes-validate/invalidate diagnosis-adjust/change treatment-info if client healthy
what are positioning and draping used for -facilitate an examination -modesty -protects patient from embarrassment -allows access to a specific area
what are the MOA duties in diagnostic testing -giving out requisitions -reporting and filing results -educating clients -recognize and understand the laboratory tests commonly ordered
three trays used for examination -CPE (complete physical exam) -proctological -gynecological
pieces of equipment for CPE exam tray -otoscope-ophthalmoscope-sphygmomanometer-stethoscope-percussion hammer-nasal speculum-tuning fork-glass slides-emesis basin-urine specimen container-tongue depressor-gloves-measuring tape-thermometer-gauze,cotton balls-CTAs-tissues-lab requisition
pieces of equipment for proctological exam -anoscope -proctoscope -sigmoidoscope -gloves -k-y jelly -rectal CTAs -slides -specimen bottle -gauze squares
pieces of equipment for gynecological exam tray -vaginal speculum-2slides,cytobrush,papkit-CTAs-gloves-uterine sponge forceps-k-y jelly-stethoscope-sphygmomanometer-normal saline solution-biopsy bottle-gauze-lab requisition-(if pregnant-tape measure,doppler fetoscope)
Positions-lying down flat on back supine position
Positions-lying down, back at 45degree angle semi fowler position
Positions-lying down on back, knees raised dorsal recumbent position
Positions-legs stretched, sitting at 90degree agnle Fowlers position
Positions-on front, on knees, butt up knee-chest position
Positions-on front/stomach, one leg/one arm bent on same side other side leg/arm straight Sims' position
Positions-on back, legs raised lithotomy position
Positions-flat on back, slightly inverted head-side down Trendelburg position
Positions-lying flat on front/stomach prone position
Created by: DawnLangridge