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DEOMI (test 3)

Define Race Identified by possession of traits (transmittable by descent) significant to characterize persons as distinctive human genotype
Define Race (Smedly) Physical variants that have no meaning except social ones that humans put on them.
Define Racism Action/Attitude that's conscious/unconscious which subordinates other(s) based on skin color/race OR attitude/behavior/belief/institutional arrangement that favors one race/ethnic grip over another.
Define types of racism (what are the two types)? Individual Racism and Institutional Racism
What is Individual racism? Racist attitudes (bigotry), racist beliefs (stereotyping), racist behavior (name calling, discrimination, violence)
What is institutional racism? Practices/customs/rules/standards of orgs/govt's that UNNECESSARILY DISADVANTAGE PEOPLE because of their race/colors/ethnicity
What is intentional racism? Conscious act, motivated by prejudice/intent to harm
What is unintentional racism? Not motivated by prejudice or intent to harm, still damaging. Prejudice underlies end result.
What is overt racism? Obvious, almost always meant to harm. Can lead to mental/physical injury, destruction or death.
What is covert racism? Hidden, usually subtle & difficult to document/prove. Originates in established and respected forces in society so receives far less public condemnation. Indic or Inst. Includes sabotage & tokenism
Recognize racist behavior. What is a racist? A person who believes one race is superior to another. OR a person who doesn't like/respect people who belongs to races different from their own.
Recognize racist behavior. What does all racist behavior fall into.... A sociological phenomena of groups and power dynamics. A tool for domination/social control. Psychological tool for dominating one group over another.
Recognize racist behavior. What is a Racist? Person who believes particular race is superior OR doesn't like/respect people who belong to races different from their own/believes their race is better.
Recognize racist behavior; what does it fall into? All racist behavior falls into SOCIOLOGICAL PHENOMENA of groups & pwr dynamics. It's a tool for domination/social control, a psychological tool for dominating one grp over another.
Racist behavior can be...(what 5 things)? Directed toward Indic/grip, intentional, unintentional, based on skin color/ethnicity/race, perpetrated by an indv/institution
Recognize racist behavior, give examples. Graffiti, racial/ethnic slurs/jokes, intimidation/physical violence
Recognize racist behavior and contemporary models of subtle racism. Traditional, symbolic, modern and aversive.
Recognize racist behavior; what kind of subtle racism is portrayed by a person w/ racist attitudes who acts out bigoted beliefs. Traditional (form of subtle racism)
Recognize racist behavior; what kind of subtle racism is portrayed by an abstract or moral tone or w/ code words or symbols for races? Symbolic (form of subtle racism)
Recognize racist behavior; what kind of subtle racism is portrayed by 8 tenants Modern
What are the 8 tenants of modern racist behavior? 1) discrimination's a thing of the past, 2)blacks pushing too hard/not wanted, 3) activists demands unfair, 4) gains undeserved, 5) prestige undeserved, 6) Racism is bad, 7) empirically grounded, 8)don't describe self beliefs/attitudes as racist
Recognize racist behavior; what is "aversive racism"? Egalitarian values; conflict of cognition & socialization. Avoid close contact w/ minorities. Communicate negative attitudes in subtle, rationalizable ways; likely to be demonstrated in discomfort, uneasiness, fear or avoidance (not hostile).
Recognize racist behavior; what are Gordon Allport's 5 intensity levels of hostile actions? Antilocution Avoidance Discrimination Physical Attack Extermination
Recognize racist behavior; what is Antilocution? Bad mouthing, name-calling
Recognize racist behavior; what is Physical Attack? Destroying/vandalizing/burning, severe threats causing neighbors to leave in fear
What are Internal factors contributing to racism? 1)Lack of understanding of history, experiences, values, perceptions of group other than own, 2) stereotyping, 3) Ethnocentrism, 4) Assigning negative attitudes to other races/ethnicities
What are External factors contributing to racism? Family/Peers/Friends, social visibility, contact, mass media, unequal power, competition
Identify historical events that contributed to racism in the military? 3 Rs; reject, recruit, reject
Identify historical events that contributed to racism in military.... Militia Act 1792 (only free/able white men) Marine Corps 1798 (no Negros/Native Indians) Recession Act (stripped vets of benys) Navy quota 5% blacks Segregation Hazardous Duties Historical examples
Identify strategies to combat racism. Awareness Education Participation Legislation Mass Media Change Leadership (policies, investigational, timelines, penalties for perpetrators & bystanders, move info up chain, protect victims, publicize hotlines, extra/above min steps)
Created by: tmjust4u
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