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Signs and Symptoms

What is an inability to recognize objects or have knowledge of objects through the senses? agnosia
What is partial or complete lack of sensation or feeling? anesthesia
What is the inabilty to perform purposeful actions or functions such as walking, speaking, or manipulating objects? apraxia
What is the condition in which the hands or other parts of the body do not remain in a fixed position? athetosis
What is the grinding of teeth, especially during sleep? bruxism
What is a ceaseless, quick, jerky movement that may appear to be well coordinated like dancing? chorea
What is the state of unconsciousness from which a person cannot be aroused? coma
what is a violent shaking of the brain? concussion
What is not being oriented to time, place, or self? confusion
What is the difficulty in performing voluntary muscular movements? dyskinesia
what is a manner of walking? gait
What is pain along the course of a nerve? neuralgia
What is the inflammation of a nerve? neuritis
What is the loss of muscular function caused by injuries or disease of the nerves, brain, or spinal cord? paralysis
What is slight or incomplete paralysis; muscle weakness? paresis
What is an abnormal sensation, such as numbness or tingling around a part of the body? paresthesia
what is the med term for hiccup? singultus
What is the ability to have knowledge of the solidness of an object; the ability to tell the different thickness of objects? stereognosis
What is partial or nearly complete state of unconsciousness? stupor
What is fainting, sometimes caused by the cutting off of the blood supply to the brain? syncope
what is an involuntary shaking? tremor
What is shaking that occurs when a person is resting? resting tremor
What is shaking that occurs when a person attempts to do something? intention tremor
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