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Ap European People

Ap European People and their works

Giovanni Boccacio (Renaissance) Decameron
Giorgio Vasari (Renaissance) First person to use the word Renaissance
King Edward III (England) Son of Isabella, daughter of Philip Iv, king of France. He was the heir of the French throne until it was given to his cousin Philip VI. He started the 100 Years' War
King Philip VI (France) Duke of Valois who received the throne of France after if was denied to Edward III.
Black Prince Son of Edward III. He destroyed French villages during the Hundred Years' War, helping England win this phase of the war.
Henry V (England) He renewed the 100 Years' War when Charles VI was king of France. He was married to Catherine, daughter of Charles VI
Charles the Dauphin Son of Charles VI. He considered himself the heir of the French throne even though he was disinherit by the Treaty of Troyes
Joan of Arc French peasant girl who helped the French troops win the 100 Years' War.
Charles VII He was crowned king of France after the French troops lead by Joan of Arc won the Battle of Orléans
Giangaleazzo Visconti He established his family as the hereditary despots of Miland
Boniface VIII Pope that didn't allowed Philip IV to tax the clergy without the Pope's consent.
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