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Wet Zoning (Tampa) The ability to legally serve alcohol -- is all but essential. But the evocative term will soon be a thing of the past in Tampa. Instead of wet zonings, the city would grant special use permits for alcoholic beverage sales, which carry with them st
Slope 0-0.5% = no drainage, not suited for development; 0.5-1% = no problems, ideal for all types of development; 1-3% = slight problems for large commercial areas; acceptable for residential; 3-5% = major problems for commercial/industrial/large scale resi
"regional employment multiplier" Input-output analysis: relates a change in a region's export employment to the resulting total employment change
Methods for conducting a fiscal impact analysis Average per capita, adjusted per capita, disaggregated per capita, and dynamic
Special District Services provided include one or more of the following: community water, community wastewater, street lighting, snow removal, storm drainage, structural fire protection, landscaping, refuse collection, park maintenance, wetlands monitoring, and road maint
Special Assessment A real property tax proportionately levied on homeowners and landowners to cover the costs of improvements that will be for the benefit of all upon whom it is imposed.(sidewalks or sewer connections)
TIF Method to use future gains in taxes to subsidize current improvements, which are projected to create the conditions for said gains.
Metes and Bounds Uses landmarks and streams.
Federal Township Range System 6x6 square miles, a section is square unit one mile on each side.
acres in a square mile 640
Feet in a linear mile 5,280
Square feet in an acre 43,560
1 acre = x Hectare 1 acre = 0.404686 hectares
Silviculture Practice of controlling the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of forests to meet diverse needs and values.
Riparian Rights System for allocating water among those who possess land along its path.
Profit (real estate) Nonpossessory interest in land similar to the better-known easement, which gives the holder the right to take natural resources such as petroleum, minerals, timber, and wild game from the land of another
Deed Restrictions Restrict the way in which a property can be used. Written into the deed, can take the form of conditions, covenants and restrictions, imposed by the property's present or former owners, the developer or builder, the neighborhood or the homeowner associati
Common deed restrictions Must serve a substantial public purpose; not violate a protected constitutional right; common in upscale neighborhoods. Also in rural areas to protect from neighbors. (Only red houses...)
Covenants Deed restrictions: no metal roofs, must paint houses red, etc.
Performance Bond Developer posts a bond - an agreement that the final plat is built as shown on the drawings within a certain amount of time. Gov can use the bond to cover cost of constructing improvements.
Dedication Gift of land to be used for a public purpose (roads, streets, parks, trails)
Square miles in a township 36 square miles in a Township.
Special Assessment An increase in the taxable assessment on a property.
Special District A special tax assessed on a specific geography.
Special District (zoning) An overlay district - special set of regulations that are specific. Underlying district is Parent District.
Planned Unit Development Can be in the form of a floating zone or conditional use. Would apply for the PUD and rezone my property.
Bucks Co, PA First to adopt performance zoning (noise, glare, etc) in 1973.
Vested Rights entitlement to a privilege or a right. For example, one may cross someone else’s property regularly and unrestrictedly for several years, and one’s right to an easement becomes vested. The original owner still retains the possession, but can no longer pre
vested rights doctrine an owner or developer is entitled to proceed in accordance with the prior zoning provision where there has been a substantial change of position, expenditures, or incurrence of obligations made in good faith by an innocent party under a building permit or
Variance Hardships Physical hardships, economic (reduction in property values). One cannot cause the need for the variance.
Calculate FAR (steps) I. Calculate the total lot area II. Calculate the total area of the building III. Divide the total area of the building by the total lot area
TIF vs. Special Assessment TIFs are best used in blighted areas that have the potential for an increased tax base. A TIF is used to finance public improvements through the increase in tax value on the surrounding property.
Which of the following would best protect and preserve agricultural land? While the other answers would protect agricultural land, a purchase of development rights program guarantees that land will be preserved in perpetuity.
RLUIPA The Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act passed in 2000 provides protections for the practice of region in land use contexts.
USB Urban Service Boundary - a growth boundary that limits development in rural areas.
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