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Exam 3

Information from exam 3

In response to hemorrhage there is mobilization of the venous reserve
What is not true of Kwashiorkor Edema Involves a blockage of lymphatic ducts
What results in increased blood flow delivered to a tissue increased blood volume, increased blood pressure, decreased peripheral resistance, relaxation of precapillary sphincters
What does not result in increased blood flow delivered to a tissue are decreased vessel diameter
Blood osmotic pressure is most affected by changes in the Concentration of plasma proteins
Hormone that functions as a vasoconstrictor is Adrenaline
Histamine increases blood flow and vascular permeability. This accounts for what changes during inflammation Redness, swelling, heat, localization of proteins and cells necessary for body defense. [All of the above]
Round-ish lens shape is associated with focusing on a Close object
Excessive immune responses to antigens are Allergies
The cells responsible for the production of circulating antibodies are Plasma cells
The largest collection of lymphatic tissue in the adult body is located in the Spleen
Depolarization in the cochlear hair cell will occur if the stereocilia moves Sideways towards the taller stereocilia
Different pitches of sounds are discriminated in cochlea through Stimulating/vibrating different classes of hair cells
The hormone that is the antagonist of calcitonin Parathyroid hormone
Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus is also known as Type 1
Steroids are known to be released into the bloodstream from the Adrenal cortex
Excess secretion of growth hormone after puberty will cause Acromegaly
Pituitary hormone that promotes egg and sperm development FSH
Patient is thin, nervous, and has protruding eyeballs they have Graves disease
In human photo receptors what does "dark current" mean The movement of sodium ions INTO photo receptors in complete darkness
The structure that separates the cochlear duct from the tympanic duct is the Basilar membrane
Red blood cell production is regulated by what hormone Erythropoietin (EPO)
Drifting blood clot is called an Embolus
Anemia is most closely associated with Hematocrit value of less than 40
Aged and damaged erythrocytes (RBCs) are broken down by the Spleen
The sclera is what part of the eye White
An inability for the body to clot blood is Hemophilia
Starling's Law relates cardiac output directly to the Thickness of the myocardium
Cardiac output is equal to The product of the heart rate and stroke volume
Heart valve occuring between the LA and the LV is called the Mitral (Bicuspid) Valve
The heart sound is heard when Valves close
The left and right pulmonary veins carry blood to where Left atrium
Relaxation of ventricles and filling of atria is defined as Ventricular diastole
Edema would be likely to form when The heart insufficient pressure pumping
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