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Exam 2

Information from exam 2

During saltatory conduction APs occur between successive nodes along the length of stimulated axon
MS is associated with a loss of myelin. MS involves Oligodendrocytes
The later part of the rising phase of the action potential is mediated by what kind of ion membrane channel? Voltage-gated
What is true about a graded potential? Stimulus causes ion channels to open changing membrane permeability
A resting transmembrane potential of a cell has a value of approximately -70 mV
Opening of Na+ channels in the membrane of a neuron normally results in Depolarization
What prevents an action potential from traveling in both directions down an axon? Refractory period
A better sprinter has more _____ in their leg muscles than marathon runner does White muscle fibers
Smooth but steady increase in muscle tension produced by increasing the number of active motor units is called Recruitment
What is involved in both synaptic transmission and excitation-contraction coupling? Calcium
Which striated muscle band is directly adjacent to the Z-line? I-band
During relaxation, muscles return to their original length not because of Renshaw inhibition
Muscles return to their original length because of Elastic forces, the pull of gravity, the contraction of opposing muscles, the elastic nature of the sarcolemma
At rest, active sites on the actin are blocked by Tropomyosin molecules
Tropomyosin wraps itself around which other muscle element F-actin
The "powerstroke" in skeletal muscle contraction is directly associated with Myosin head pivots at joint pulling actin
We can distinguish between sensations originating in different body areas because Receptors from each body region synapse in specific brain regions
Diffusion across the Arachnoid Granulations returns excess CSF to Venous circulation
Soon after a person dies and loses all ATP, their skeletal muscles Stiffen from actin and myosin binding
Characteristics of smooth muscle Have small diameters and lengths compared with skeletal muscles, have actin and myosin, have autorhythmicity, little fatigue with prolong contraction
Not a characteristic of smooth muscle Have striations
Which of the following is responsible for reciprocal inhibition Interneurons in the spinal cord
People perceive different intensities of light when their brains receive different Rates of action potentials
Part of the brain closely associated with emotions (pleasure and hunger) Hypothalamus
What is responsible for reciprocal inhibition? Interneurons in the spinal cord
Overseeing the postual muscles of the body and making rapid adjustments to maintain balance and equilibrium are functions of the Cerebellum
The cell bodies of the sympathetic preganglionic neurons are in the Lateral gray horns of T1 through L2 region of the spinal cord
Activity of the parasympathetic ANS mainly Increases while calmly digestion diner
The cell bodies of the parasympathetic preganglionic neurons are found in the Brain stem and lateral gray horns of the sacral area of the spinal cord
Of the 31 pairs of spinal nerves, each one monitors a particular Dermatome
Large multinucleated cells that can dissolve the bony matrix are termed Osteoclasts
Appositional growth in bones is most closely related to growth in Bone diameter
What decreases the concentration of calcium in the blood Calcitonin
The "shaft" of a long bone is most closely associated with the Diaphysis
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