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Exam 1

Information from exam 1

Essential to Homeostatic Processes Negative feedback
Substance with a pH balance less than 7 is called Acidic
4 cell types in connective tissue Mast cells, Mesenchymal, Microphages, Melanocytes
Not a type of connective tissue Muscle cells
Smallest functional unit considered alive A cell
3 functional components underlie hoe responses to stimuli work Effector, control center, receptor
Epithelial tissue closely associated with epidermis Stratified squamous
Layers associated with dermis Papillary and reticular
Epidermal layer found only in skin on palms and soles Stratum Lucidum
Reproducing cells of the skin are located Stratum Germinativum
Adipocytes associated with Fat cells
Mammary glads associated with Apocrine secretion
Inter-cellular connection involving interlocking membrane proteins are called Gap junctions
4 functions of epithelial tissue Sensation, permeability, secretions, protection
Not a function of epithelial tissue Connectivity between organs
Alveoli of lungs are made of Simple squamous epithelia
Epithelium is connected to underlying connective tissue by Basement membrane
Dominant fiber in dense connective tissue is Collagen
Placing a cell in what solution is most likely to cause a decreased cell volume Hypertonic bathing solution
Lipid-soluble molecules generally move thru cell membranes how Diffusion
Which suborganelle is most closely associated with protein synthesis Ribosomes
Facilitated diffusion Limits the rate of molecular movement by limiting the number of available carrier molecules
If the sodium ion in blood plasma decreases blood osmotic pressure will Decrease
What pathology is caused by a failure to convert phenylalanine to tyrosine PKU
Glycolysis and glucogenolysis are examples of Catabolism
Polysaccharide that is formed in the liver and muscle to store glucose is called Glycogen
Most common fat found in human body is Triglycerides
Unable isotope that emits subatomic particles spontaneously is called Radioisotope
All physiology is ultimately reducible to Physics
When body temp falls, a center in the brain initiates physiological changes in increase body temperature. Mechanism is an example of Negative feedback
Increasingly forceful labor contractions that lead to childbirth are an example of Positive feedback
Support, protection of soft tissues, mineral storage, and blood formation are functions of which system? Skeletal
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