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Chapter 15

Proof Reading Read through 3 times for adequate proof reading
Business Letter Style: 1st Paragraph Identify what the letter is about
Business Letter Style: Use only... Language the reader can understand. Standard Abbreviations
Business Letter Style: How many lines required between inside address and salutation? One
Business Letter Style: Sentences should be: Short, Concise, Clear and Courteous
Business Style: what is most efficient? Full Block
Business Letter Style: What follows a salutation? Colon
What does C: mean? Copy. Let's the recipient know you're also sending to whoever is named after C:
Reference Initials: Used if someone transcribes a letter. If this MA Shelly Smith transcribes a letter for Dr. Peter Jones the reference initials will be PJ/ss (PJ is the Author and ss is the transcriber)
USPS Standards for Envelope Straight Left Margin, All capital letters, No punctuation, Zip Code is 5+4
Postal Meter Expedites the delivery of mail Eliminates need for postage put on at post office
Registered Mail used for valuable items. trackable.
Express Mail Used for items that need to arrive over night or next day delivery.
Enc. Enclosure
C Copy
P.S. Post Script
OCR Optical Character Reader
CAP Capital Letter
ROM Roman Type
LC Lower Case Letter
WF Wrong Font
# Insert Space
BF Boldface Type
STET Let It Stand
] Move Right
[ Move Left
:| Insert Colon
= Align Type Horizontally
ITAL Italic Type
Backwards "P" looking symbol Paragraph Indent
T or F: Modified block, Standard, is the most efficient letter style for the ambulatory care clinic? F: Full Block letter is the most efficient
T or F: Paper for written communications in the office should be of good quality, contain watermarks, and be at least 20-pound stock. T
T or F: A written record of what transpires during a meeting is called the agenda? F: Those are minutes. The agenda lists the specific items that a group plans to discuss
T or F: Business correspondence should be clear, concise and accurate? T
T or F; First class mail is divided into two mail subclasses. T
Mail Processing: Invoices for supplies and equipment? Bookkeeper
Mail Processing: Magazines Placed in Reception Area
Mail Processing: Insurance Forms Insurance Clerk
Mail Processing: Patient Payments Bookkeeper
Mail Processing: Medical Journals Placed on provider's desk
Mail Processing: Personal or Confidential Letters Should not be opened unless MA has been given this responsibility by the provider or office manager.
The Salutation Is: Signature. Greeting. Return Address. Closing Remark. Greeting
When addressing an envelope, how is the state listed? Written Out Completely. Abbr with first 4 letters. Capitalize first 2 letters. Any about as long as capital. Capitalize with first 2 letters
Which is incoming mail to provider? Email. Insurance Forms. Medical Journals. Letters from patients. All? All examples given
The medical assistant, with permission, may sign certain letters: The ordering of supplies/subscriptions. Notification of collection and reminder payments. Dismissal Letters. The first Two Options. The first two options
Addressing Envelope: Addressing machine printed with uniform left margin. All punctuation eliminated. Use dark ink on light background with all capital letters. All All examples given
Type of envelope most often used: Number 7. Number 6&3/4. Number 10. Options two and Three Options two and Three
Periodicals is the new term for: Second class mail. Third class mail. Priority Mail. Parcel Post Mail. Second Class Mail
Before presenting mail to provider for signature, document should be: Date Stamped. Checked for accuracy. Folded. Type don plain paper. Checked for Accuracy
The most secure service the UPSP offers: Priority. Express. Registered. Certified. Registered Mail
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