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BBC pharm

ch. 30: thrombolytics

list some uses of thrombolytics Pulmonary embolism, DVT, acute MI, artherial thrombosis, occluded access shunts
this thrombolyitc activates plasminogen and also catalyzes degradation of fibrinogen and factors 5 and 7. streptokinase
this is thrombolytic is less antigenic than streptokinase because it is derived from human fetal renal scells rather than from bacteria. it works to degrade fibrin by activating plasminogen. urokinase
what does TPA stand for? tissue plasminogen activator.
another name for TPA? alteplase.
this is fibrin selective, so will only activate plasmin that is already bound to fibrin. instead of acting as thrombolytic all over the body like other thrombolytics, it insteads targets just those areas that have already begun to form clots. TPA
TAP is very effective for... MI, PE, acute ischemic stroke.
what drugs have the same MOA as TPA? tenecteplase, reteplase.
this is arecombninant non-glycosylated form wiht a longe rhalf life and enhanced fibrinolytic action than alteplase. tenecteplase. it is a modifiedversion of the protein structure of alteplase.
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