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BBC Pharm

ch. 28: platelet aggregation inhibitors

this is a platelet aggregation inhibitor. its effects are irreversible, in terms of its ability to inhibit COX. it effectively decreases recurrience of MI, mortality in post MI, can inhibit clotting in other high risk pts. DOC for stroke prev in Car artdz aspirin
inhibits degranulation, mimicking ADP and thromboxane release. it is also a uricosuric agent, blocking PCT resorption of uric acid (so much goes out with urine: uricosuric), but no longer commonly used sulfinpyrazone
a PDE inhibitor. therefore, cAMP increases. this process inhibits thromboxane A2, such inhibition antagonizes platelet stickiness, an ddecresaes platelet adhesiveness to thrombogenic surfaces. dipyridamole
dipyridamole is used in combo with what drug to prevent thromboembolic events of cardiac valve replacement.. warfarin
dipyridamole is used in combo with this for chronic platelet aggregation inhibition. aspirin
does dipyridamole also have vasodilatory effects on healthy arterial structures? yes
this drug inhibits ADP mediated platelet aggregation process, thus acting as a powerful platelet aggregation inhibitor. it is the standard of practice that all patients who receive stents be prescribed clopedogrel. common med for prophylaxis MI clopidogrel
these effectivlely block gpIIbIIIa receptors on platelets. these receptors normally aid in platelet to platelet aggregation process; with these receptors blocked, platelet aggregation is powerfully inhibited. these agents are used to minimize risk of MI. glycoprotein IIbIIIa antagonists, such as eptifibatide, abciximab, tirofiban
Created by: aferdo01