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Nervous System & Psychiatry - Q – Psychiatric Symptomatic Terms & A – Meaning

affect emotional feeling or mood
flat affect significantly dulled emotional tone or outward reaction
apathy a lack of interest or display of emotion
catatonia a state of unresponsiveness to one′s outside environment, usually including muscle rigidity, staring, and inability to communicate
delusion a persistent belief that has no basis in reality
grandiose delusion a person′s false belief that he or she possesses great wealth, intelligence, or power
persecutory delusion a person′s false belief that someone is plotting against him or her with the intent to harm
dysphoria a restless, dissatisfied mood
euphoria an exaggerated, unfounded feeling of well-being
hallucination a false perception of the senses for which there is no reality; most commonly hearing or seeing things (alucinor = to wander in mind)
ideation the formation of thoughts or ideas, such as suicidal ideation (thoughts of suicide)
mania state of abnormal elation and increased activity
neurosis a psychologic condition in which anxiety is prominent
psychosis a mental condition characterized by distortion of reality resulting in the inability to communicate or function within one′s environment
thought disorder thought that lacks clear processing or logical direction
Created by: shachi.pandit