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Economic Development

AICP Economic Development

Report on Manufactures _____ 1791; In this report Alexander Hamilton argues for protective tariffs for manufacturing industry; purpose: promoting industrial development in the young republic.
the American System 1818; In a speech before Congress, Henry Clay proposes this plan; purpose: allocate federal funds to promote the development of the national economy by combining tariffs with infrastructure improvements (roads, canals and other waterways)
Erie Canal Completed in _______ 1825 This artificial waterway connected the northeastern states with the newly settled areas of what was then the West, facilitating the economic development of both regions.
The National Road, Completion of ______ 1839; The National Road terminates in Vandalia, Illinois. Begun in 1811 in Cumberland, Maryland, it helps open the Ohio Valley to settlers.
Promontory Point ______ May 10, 1869; The Union Pacific and the Central Pacific railroads meet at Promontory Point, Utah, on to complete the first transcontinental railroad.
US Geological Survey Established _______ 1879; Establishment of U.S. Geological Survey to survey and classify all Public Domain lands
Panama Canal Completed 1914
Great Depression Stated in ______ 1929; Stock market crash in October ushers in Great Depression; fosters ideas of public planning on a national scale.
Reconstruction Finance Corporation established ________ 1932; established at the outset of the Great Depression to revive economic activity by extending financial aid to failing financial, industrial, and agricultural institutions.
Grande Coulee Dam completed _________ Finished in 1941; Congress authorizes construction of the Grande Coulee Dam in Central Washington State. largest concrete structure in the U.S.; centerpiece of Columbia Basin Project
Hoover Dam completed ________ 1936; Hoover Dam on the Colorado River completed; Creates and sustains population growth and industrial development in Nevada, California, and Arizona.
Bretton Woods Agreement ______ 1944; Bretton Woods (New Hampshire) Agreement; The U.S. and allies meet to establish the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank).
Marshall Plan first proposed _____ by _______ 1947; by Secretary George C. Marshall; uses his Harvard College commencement address to propose the Marshall Plan for the reconstruction of postwar Europe
The St. Lawrence Seaway completed _____ 1959; This joint U.S.-Canada project created, in effect, a fourth North American seacoast, opening the American heartland to sea-going vessels
War on Poverty declared ______ by ______ President Lyndon Johnson declares war on poverty; urges congressional authorization of many remedial programs, plus the establishment of a cabinet-level Department of Housing and Community Development; at: University of Michigan commencement
The Appalachian Regional Planning Act established ___________ 1965; The Appalachian Regional Planning Act
Enterprise Zone/Empowerment Community (EZ/EC) proposal signed into law; Purpose: jumpstart economies; Means: 1) tax incentives; 2) wage tax credits; 3) special deductions, 4) and low-interest financing to a impoverished urban and rural communities
Created by: lhilde
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