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amphiarthroses slightly moveable joint such as the joint of the two pubic bones
appendicular skeleton the bones of the upper and lower extrimities of the body
articular cartilage cartilage covering the joint ends of bones
articulation joint
axial skeleton the bones of the head neck and torso
canaliculi an extremely narrow tubular passege or channel in compact bone
chondrocytes cartilage cell
compact bone dense bone
diaphysis shaft of a small bone
diathroses freely moveable joint
epiphysis ends of a long bone
fontanels "soft spots" on the infant's head; unossified areas in the infants skull
hemopoiesis blood cell formation
lacunae little spaces in the hard layer of the lamelae
lamella thin layer ,as of bone
medullary cavity hollow area inside the diaphysis of the bone that contains yellow bone marow
osteoblasts bone resorbing cell
osteoclasts bone forming cell
osteon tube like circular composed of calcified matrix
pectoral girdle shoulder girldle; the scapula and clavicle
periosteum a strong fibrous membrane covering a long bone except at joint surfaces , where it is covered by articular cartilage
red bone marrow red bone marrow is soft connective tissue inside the hard walls of some bones
sinus a space or cavity inside some of the cranial bones
skull consists of 8 bones that form the cranium, 14 bones that form the face,and 6 bones that form the middle ear
spine consists of vertebrea connected to form a flexible curved rod
synarthroses a joint in which fibrous connective tissue joins bones and holds them together tightly ;commonly called sutures
synovial membrane connective tissue membrane lining the spaces between bones and joints that secretes synovial fluid
thorax chest
trabeculea needle like threads of spongy bone that surrounds a network of spaces
yellow bone marrow inactive fatty tissue
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