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Red Module

Standards & Safety in Health Care

How can you keep infants safe during an office visit? -Keep eyes on baby when weighing -Never leave infant unattended -Remind caregivers to keep eye on babies at all times -Keep dangerous objects out of babies reach
How can you keep young children safe during an office visit? -Watch for climbing hazards -Keep cupboards locked -Never allow them to be on an examination table unsupervised -Keep dangerous objects out of reach
What are some risk factors that may effect the elderly? Visual and hearing impairments Mobility impairments Altered cognition Fatigue Over confidence
How can you meet the environmental needs of your clients in a health office setting? Lighting Noise levels Clean and dry floors Clean spills immediately Clean scattered books/magazines Avoid loose scatter rugs Do not rearrange furniture too often
What are clients entitled to when it comes to quality assurance? Prompt treatment Prompt reports Accurate prescriptions Reasonable wait times Direction regarding emergencies Proper follow up
What is an incident report? Formal documentation of any lapse in acceptable procedure, protocol or policy that results in undesirable effects
What should the incident report include? Summary of events Detailed account of events Date and time Who was present/involved Who was notified and when Any untoward consequences Any action taken An evaluation Prevention recommendations
What are some frequently reviewed problems in a hospital? Clients who were readmitted within a certain number of days after discharge. Deaths in hospitals. Unscheduled return to surgery. Hospital infections. Falls, medication errors, and other irregularities.
What are some trouble spots in a health office? Prescription errors Mislabeled specimens Multiple needle sticks by staff Frequent long waits Errors in letters, reports, charting Not answering phone/ returning calls in reasonable amt of time Inadequate delay of follow-up on abnormal test results
What are the principles a quality assurance review should follow? Delegate a committee./Work as a team Keep it positive. Actively involve all staff.
What department is responsible for quality assurance in a hospital/health care facility? Risk Management/Quality Assurance
Whose responsibility is quality assurance Employers & employees
What is quality assurance as it relates to healthcare? A systemic assessment to ensure that services are of the highest possible quality using existing resources Includes establishing, promoting and maintaining a safe occupational environment
What should clients expect when it comes to quality assurance? Excellence in TOAD: Treatment Ongoing care Assessment Diagnosis
Describe Worker's Compensation? A form of social insurance Employers pay premiums, benefits are paid to injured workers, Employees relinquish the right to sue Consults and educates employers/employees, Monitors compliance with OHS regulations, Dr's offices do not have to register
what is OHS Occupational Health and Safety
What is CCOHS Canadian Centre of Occupational Health and Safety
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