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Liberal Reforms

British Depth Studies - Liberal Welfare Reforms - Dates

1907 Children School medical service set by by every local education authority
1908 Children Children and Young Persons Act - children had a special status as protected persons. 1. Illegal to insure child's life 2. Parents sued for neglect 3. Courts for only child crime 4. Borstals set up, separate from adult prisons
1912 Children Treatment provided in school clinics as well, but up to local authority to maintain
1914 Children 14 million meals provided, mostly free
1908 Elderly Gov funded Pension
By 1909 (2) Elderly 650,000 collected pensions Outdoor relief claims fall by 80,000
1909 Unemployed Labour Exchanges set up by Gov
1913 Unemployed 3,000 getting jobs everyday
1911 Workers National Insurance Act 1. Sick pay 2. Unemployment Benefit
1906 Children Free School meals could be provides by local authorities
1908 Lloyd George introduces first budget (People's Budget) to fund reforms
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