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2AX7X Vol. 1 Unit 2

Self test questions and unit review questions

Although the "Wing Standup" meeting is used to keep the WG/CC updated about maintenance issues, what is the overall focus of the meeting? Identifying and resolving issue/disagreements related to the schedules
In addition to attending a monthly maintenance and flying scheduling meeting, what does the WG/CC ensure at the meeting with regard to MXG and OG interaction? The best use of aircraft, equipment and personnel
Who is personally tasked as the wing FOD/DOP program manager? Wing vice commander (WG/CV)
In addition to ensuring effective FOD/DOP programs, what must the FOD/DOP program manager do on a quarterly or monthlu basis? Monthly meetings when unit exceeds MAJCOM established standard and Quarterly meetings if unit FOD rate is less than established standard
Why is it important for the MXG/CC to stadardize maintenance disciplines, procedures, organizational structures, compliance and management philosophy? Greater interoperability, improves maintenance quality, ensures maintenance effectiveness
As well as overseeing the deevelopment and publication of all maintenance-related OIs, what specific guidance must the MXG/CC establish for cannibalization responsibilities and actions? Individual responsibilities and specific proceedures for cannibalization (CANN) action
Who is responsible for ensuring effective management of all maintenance training programs including the development of an orientation program to adequately train newly assigned MXG personnel? Maintenance group commander (MXG/CC)
Who is responsible for chaairing the daily maintenance production/schedulling meeting with representatives from throughout the MXG? Maintenance group deputy commander (MXG/CD)
Who does the MXG SUPT work directly for? Maintenance group commander (MXG/CC)
Other than acting as a technical adisor, the MXG SUPT advises the MXG/CC on what type of issues? Personnel, morale and welfare issues, as well as, problems not identified through maintenance data systems or QA inspection reports
What is the MXG SUPT's primary job as it relates to enlisted manning within the MXG? Acts as a liaison between staff and production supers and serves as the group's focal point for enlisted amnning
Created by: jbarters1
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