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Communication Skills

DEOMI (test 1)

Define Communication Using words, sounds, signs & behaviors to EXPRESS/EXCHANGE info, ideas, thoughts, feelings
Identify the elements of the communication process 1) Communicators, 2) Messages, 3) Channels (modes; verbal/non-verbal), 4) Environment, Feedback
What elements of communication are part of the VERBAL MODE of communication? Written & Oral
What elements of communication are part of the NON-VERBAL MODE of communication? Body Language (touch, eye-contact, facial-expressions/smiling), Physical Space (Intimate [18"], Personal [18"-4'], Social [5'-10'\ & Public [12'])
What are two types of HUMAN COMMUNICATION? Intra & Inter personal
What is INTRApersonal communication; definition & 5 examples Conversing w/ self; 1) daydream 2) sleep/dream, 3) talk 2 self, 4)reading aloud, 5) repeating what you hear
What is INTERpersonal communication; definition & 5 examples Face-to-face, phone, written (emails/letters, text), small group (fam/friends/social/wk), large groups (speaker to group)
Name the 5 barriers to communication Physical, Perceptual, Emotional, Cultural/Language
What are 6 kinds of physical barriers to communication? Environment, Noise, Objects, Distance, Temperature, Physical Health
What are 3 kinds of perceptual barriers to communication? Past experiences, hidden agendas, stereotypes
What are 3 kinds of emotional partiers to communication? Anger, Fear, Surprise
Give an example of a cultural/language barrier to communication? A word/phrase can mean different things to different people ("secure the door").
What are 5 elements in the listening process? Receiving, Attending, Understanding, Responding, Remembering
Name 6 benefits in effective listening It improves communication, (helps you to not get out of) control in a situation, minimizes conflict, it shows you care, it enhances understanding and it improves memory.
What are 3 types of listening? Active, Inactive, Selective
Name 7 methods to become a better listener Purpose for listening, suspend judgment, resist distractions, wait b4 responding, seek important themes, respond to comments, avoid response blocks
What are 4 response blocks? Evaluating HOW it was said, unsolicited advice giving, diagnosing/analyzing WHY they said that, topping/one-upping
What is feedback? Receiver response; gives communicator idea of HOW MSG is BEING RECEIVED (whether it needs to be modified)
What is Evaluative feedback? Assuming one knows (can judge) Wright/wrong, good/bad
What is Non-Evaluative feedback? Addressing observable behavior
What are guidelines for RECEIVING FEEDBACK? Receptive atmosphere, state what you want feedback about, check what you've heard, objective attitude, share your reactions
What are guidelines for GIVING FEEDBACK? Ensure it describes (non-evaluative), not judges, specific, takes into account needs of RXr & TXr, uses clear communication, solicited, directed at behavior, good timing, well, planned
What are the four panes of the JOHARI window? Open face, blind spot, façade/hidden & unknown
What are the 4 dimensions of the johari window? Known/Unknown, Self/Others
What is the open face of Johari's window? Things I know of self & others know of me
What is the blind spot of Johari's window? Things others know of me & I don't
What is the façade/hidden pane of Johari's window? Things I know about me, but they don't
What is the unknown pane of Johari's window? Things we all don't know about me.
If I want to change the blind spot pane of johari's window, what can I do? Solicit feedback, be receptive to it
If I want to change the unknown pane of johari's window, what can I do? Avail myself, be receptive, learn vicariously
If I want to change the open face pane of the johari window, what can I do? Give/solicit feedback, self-disclosure
If I want to change the façade/hidden pane of the johari window, what can I do? Give feedback, self-disclosure
Identify the 6 benefits of giving/receiving feedback Exchange info, achieve personal growth, self-awareness, insight, creates open environment, aids in preparation for the future
Created by: tmjust4u
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