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Ch 30


Proteins build and repair tissue.
carbohydrate is used for energy.
Excess calories of all nutrients are converted into fat for storage.
olive and canola oils are examples of monounsaturated oils.
avocados are monounsaturated fats
coconut oil is a saturated fat
milk and milk products are simple sugars
LDL contribute to build up of atherosclerotic plaques.
LDL levels should be kept below 100mg/dl.
vegans must combine two or more incomplete amino acids sources to create complete proteins.
eight glasses of water are recommended daily.
Carbohydrates intake should range from 55% to 57% of total caloric intake daily.
Fat intake should not exceed 35% of daily calories
BMI is a mathematical correlation between height and weight that indicates potential health risks.
Death rates are significantly higher for patients with a BMI of 25 or higher.
A clear liquid diet includes liquids that a person can see through
the texture of food is altered in a mechanical soft diet
low-fiber diets help prevent diverticular inflammation
The ACS recommends a high fiber diet.
ACS American cancer society
the glycemic index rates food on how quickly they affect the blood glucose level.
The total amt. of fat in the food and the percentage of saturated fat in the product as well as other information must be included on a food level
a sodium free food has less than 5mg of sodium per serving
Fat has 9 calories per gram
Important information about a serving size include that total number of calories and fat grams, because each gram has 9 calories.
Obesity is epidemic in the united states.
Nonessential nutrition's are required by the body to maintain health, but the body can make them, so they do not have to be included in the diet.
Vitamin D can be synthesized in the body.
Certain type of anemia can be caused by folic acid deficiency
a high alcohol intake can cause cancer
Dairy products are not consumed in traditional Asian diets
Obesity and high fat diets are associated with diabetes mellitus type 2.
Olive oil replaces other fats in Mediterranean diets.
Brown bread is wheat bread with color additives.
Fiber is the part of a plant that cannot be digested or absorbed.
Fat metabolism creates ketone bodies.
water soluble fiber helps lower blood cholesterol.
The two types of four have the same nutrient value.
BMI is the amount of energy used by a fasting resting individual to maintain vital functions.
Latin American diets are based on maize (corn)
Advertising can affect food choices
blood pressure increases with diet high in sodium
water is crucial to regular elimination
Lack of vitamin D can result in osteoporosis
Carbohydrate intake should range from 55% to 57% of daily calories.
Omega-3 fatty acids can inhibit clot information
Tran's fats are created through the hydrogenation process
Stone ground is a method of processing four.
Insoluble fiber can help prevent diverticulosis.
three cups of milk or milk products are recommended each day
a slice of bread is equal to one oz which equals one serving size
Saturated fats are heavier and denser, because all hydrogen carbons are complete.
vitamin C is water soluble
Canola and olive oils are monounsaturated oils.
Dietary fat should constitute 20% to 35% of daily intake
Food sources of omega -3 fatty acids include cold water fish, canola oil and soy products
antioxidant vitamins are found in these food sources.
Food is the best source of vitamins and minerals
carbohydrate foods are needed for energy
Americans typically have a high-protein diet from animal sources.
Peanut butter is a good protein source.
Vegans do not eat or drink any animal foods.
The glycemic index helps PT's with diabetes choose foods that do not cause a rapid elevation of the blood glucose level.
Food is the best source for all nutrients.
Mercury is most dangerous to the developing fetus.
A lack of folic acid can result in neural tube detects.
red meat is a high- cholesterol food
Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C.
Orange and yellow vegetables. are high in beta-carotene
Dairy products are high in calcium and fortified with vitamin D
Raw vegetables are good sources of fiber.
Antioxidant vitamins include vitamins C,E, and A.
One ounce of meat equals one egg, 1/4 cup of dry beans, one tablespoon of peanut butter, 1/2 cup of cooked beans or 1/2 cups of tofu.
One cup of milk is equals to one cup of yogurt, 1 1/2 ounce of natural cheese or two ounces of processed cheese
Carbohydrate is the preferred source of energy for neurons
beans are high in insoluble fiber
Oatmeal is a food source of water -soluble fiber.
Honey is a simple sugar. :)
Milk is a CHO food.
CHO carbon, hydrogen/oxygen = carbohydrates.
Magnetic resonance imaging is a diagnostic technique
MRI magnetic resonance imaging.
Stress can cause all of these problems: headaches, hypertension, diarrhea.
Anorexia nervosa result in self-starvation.
Individuals with bulimia binge large numbers of calories and then purge.
The fat- soluble vitamins are vitamins A, D, E, and K.
A healthly diet consists of high fiber, low fat and complex CHO
A high fiber diet helps maintain a normal weight range.
Oat bran can help lower cholesterol levels
Fat metabolism creates ketone waste bodies
Glycemic index
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