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DEOMI (test 1)

Define the concept of self The perception we have of ourselves, allow us to shape/reshape reality, everchanging process thru interaction w/ others.
How is the concept of self influenced by attitudes, habits, values, beliefs and ideas Self-concept development is influenced by socialization. Socialization is the process by which we acquire our attitudes, habits, values, and ideas & our primary method of cultural heritage.
What are the major influences of socialization on our self-concept? Family (most influential agent), Media, Educational System, Peers/Friends, Community Settings & National Settings (all of which aid in us acquiring attitudes, habits, values, etc)
What are the (6) categories into which a value can be placed? Personal, Cultural, Social, Political, Economic, Religious.
What is the concept of the value system? A Value system is a SET of VALUES that influences the behavior of the individual (Value = principal/standard derived from self-concept that guides actions/behaviors).
Define "Ego Defense Mechanism" Coping Behavior, allows us to selectively interpret info WHEN value/attitude/belief is CHALLENGED
What are the 4 Ego Defense Mechanisms? Denial, Rationalization, Projection, Compensation
How can something be a catalyst to change an entire pattern of behavior? A SIGNIFICANT EMOTIONAL EVENT can make us aware of unconscious actions
How are new pattern's of behavior established? RE-SOCIALIZATION (because of a SEE/new learning process)
Identify strategies for changing an individual's attitude & behavior: Awareness, Increased Awareness, Self-Reflection
What 3 parts does the total concept of self include? How we see ourselves, how others see us, how we wanna be seen
Created by: tmjust4u