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Medieval Towns

Chapter 4: Life in Medieval Towns

Which guild would most likely put on a mystery play about the Last Supper (the final meal Jesus ate with his followers)? the Bakers Guild
Which game played today was popular in medieval towns? badminton
What ended up replacing trial by ordeal or combat? court trials
What was one of the biggest causes of diseases in medieval towns? unsanitary conditions
Due to a growing body of _____________, common law was developed. decisions by judges
Who did feudal lords lose power to? merchants
Why did towns buy royal charters? to gain independence from feudal lords
What was another reason for the growth of towns besides the addition to new farming methods? revival of long distance trade
How did new farming methods contribute to the growth of medieval European towns? enough crops were grown to sell to people who lived in towns
What did a girl's education include? cooking
In medieval times, one could make a guess about what a medieval boy would do when he grew up by asking what question? What does the boy's father do?
What occupation is more open to Jews than to Christians? banker
How did the nature of trade goods change over the course of the Middle Ages? from imported luxury goods to more local items
What term represents the job title of a medieval boy after he stops becoming an apprentice but before he becomes a master craftsman? journeyman
If you were a customer who bought shoes from a cobbler, how might a guild help you? by making sure that the shoes were of good quality
What geographical feature helped the cities of London, Lisbon, and Danzig to grow? near the oceans and/or bodies of water
Which cities were directly involved in Mediterranean trade? Marseille, Genoa, Venice, Tunis, and Constantinople
Created by: white_amanda