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ITM cells

exam ITM

the cells rod-shaped organelles that play a role in cellular division are called centrioles
most abdundant tissue found in the human body is connective tissue
the plasma membrane allows only certain substances to pass back & forth so it is said to be selectively permeable
the lysosome is referred to as the suicide sack because... if it breaks it will release lysozyme which will destroy the cell
name an active transport mechanism ion pump
which structure is responsible for allowing the cell to move flagella
fluid portion of the cell that contains the organelles is.. cytopasm or cytosol
which organelle is referred to as the suicide sac lysosome
part of the cell that functions as the outer boundary of a cell is plasma membrane
purpose of the golgi apparatus in the cell is to... process proteins and carbohydrates to b e used or secreted by the cell
type of tissue that covers the ends of bones, where they meet at joints is called hyaline cartilage
what is the name of the interconnecting channels that allow for protein transport in the cell endoplasmic reticulum
which reproductive process results in two daughter cells that are identical to the parent cell mitosis
which type of cell "eats" phagocyte
non-living material in which cells are embedded matrix
when a tissue repair results in the same tissue that existed before the damage occurred is referred to as regeneration
an area where regular epithelial skin fuses together with a mucous membrane is called mucocutaneous junction
type of epithelial tissue that lines body cavities that "do" open to the external environment is mucous
skin color is created by melanin, carotene, hemoglobin
which protein provides a waterproof armor for the body keratin
type of epithelial tissue that lines a body cavity that does "not" open to the external serous
loss of hair patches as a result of exposure to stress, toxins or illness is called alopecia
crescent shape white area on the nail body nearest the root is lunula
layperson term for cerumen is earwax
which type of epithelial membrane secretes a thin watery substance for the purpose of lubrication serous membrane
brown pigment produced in stratum basale melatonin
most numerous type of sudoriferous glands are eccrine
blue tint to skin by lack of oxygen cyanosis
sebaceous gland infection acne
athletes foot tinea pedis
jock itch tinea cruris
area of thickened skin on palm callus
contagious epidermal parasitic infection scabies
medical name for hives urticaria
least common but most dangerous skin tumor melanoma
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