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2AX7X Vol.1 Unit 1

Self test and Unit Review questions

To the greatest extent possible, how should maintenance be performed? Accomplished on a preplanned and scheduled basis
Using equipment generates what type of maintenance? Corrective (or unscheduled) maintenance
what are the two basic types of scheduled and unscheduled maintenance? On-equipment and off-equipment
Maintenance cross-tells are used for what purpose? To highlight trends, benchmarks, or saafety condition relating to maintenance equipment, personnel, training or processes
What should typically be included in a maintenance cross-tell report in addition to details such as national stock numbers, part numbers, and specific location of problem areas? Relevant backround information and history
What are two major goals of Intermediate Repair Enhancement Program (IREP) meetings? To increase local repair capability where appropriate and to reduce the overall cost of operations
In order of increaseing capability, what are the three seperate levels of maintenance? Organizational, Intermediate, and Depot
Which level of maintenance is performed off-equipment at the back shop level? Intermediate
What level of mainenance is used for complex repairs and is located at a major repair facility? Depot
What combined maintenance approach modifies or eliminates the intermediate (off-equipment) function, where possible, by consolidating that repair function at the depot level? Two level maintenance (2LM)
What type of maintenance facility is a hybrid of 2LM and 3LM and combines intermediate-level maintenance from multiple bases to one location? Regional Repair Facility
What type of specialized regional repair facility provides intermediate-level maintenance for selected commodities? Centralized Repair Facility
How can a successful R&M program be defined? One that promotes the ability to identify and correct the system deficiencies before they affect combat capability
What is the primary scope of the Product Improvement Working Group (PIWG)? To address product deficiencies affecting R&M that the field unit cannot resolve and to resolve deficiency reports that the single manager assigns to them
Who takes the lead in identifying, tracking, assessing and correcting R&M deficiencies on their assigned air and space equipment and also co-chairs the PIWG? Single manager
As an end user, what is your primary focus in the DR process? To identify deficiencies and properly submit reports
What MXG agency is tasked with providing technical assistance for DRs? Quality Assurance (QA)
When the scope of an OI will cross organizational group lines, at what level should it be published? Wing level
what office assumes sole responsiblity for the accuracy, currency, and integrity of the contents of an OI and for compliance with it? Office of Primary Responsiblity (OPR)
Can an AF civil service employee act as the POC for an OI? Yes
Which section acts as the OPR for the maintenance policy guidance in the MXG? Quality Assurance (QA)
What type of support agreement governs services provided by US Northern Command to US Central Command? Inter-command
What flight within the MXG normally acts as the POC for SAs? Programs and Resources Flight
What is the most important thing YOU must know about SAs? To learn what is in them
What is historical documentation as it pertains to aircraft and equipment? Permenant record of significant maintenance actions of aerospace equipment, including aircraft, engines, enigine modules and designated MDS specific -6 TO
Who is responsible for determining which items in the MDS specific -6 TO need historical reporting and for informing the single manager so the items can be identified for reporting? Item managers
For aircraft enginges, when are the printed copies of the AFTO IMT 95s NOT REQUIRED to accompany end-items upon transfer to/from another location? When the location has accss to necessary MIS to retrieve the historical information
During what type of transfer do helicopter blades and tail rotor blades have to be accompanied by a printed copy of their AFTO IMT 95? Upon tranfer to the disposal system
Upon transfer of engines to and from a depot maintenance facility, who is responsible for ensuring all basic engine components have been accournted for? Maintenance facility that perserves the engine
What aircraft engine documentation is an AFTO IMT 95 primarity used for? To document accumulated cycles, operating time, maintenance history, as well as, pertinent manufacturing data for jet engine turbine wheels.
Which maintenance information system is considered to be the standard AF base-level automated MIS? Integrated Maintenance Database System (IMDS-CDB)
In regards to MIS data integrity, what are work center and shift supervisors responsible for doing? Reviewing, on a daily basis, the data entered into their respective MIS by personnel under their control
What section guides the data integrity team process and is responsible for ensuring the MIS data provided to maintenance managers is meaningful and factual? The section that entered the data
As roadmaps, what can maintenance management metrics, if used properly, help you to determine? Where you organization has been, where you are going, and how (or if) you are going to get there
What are two major categories that metrics are aften divided into? Leading and lagging indicators
What type of performance indicator shows a problem first, while it is impacting maintenance's capability to provide resources to execute the mission? Leading indicator
What type of indicator shows firmly established trends? Lagging indicator
What maintenance repair priority level should be assigned to perform maintenance on primary mission aircraft, related AGE, and munitions support equipment for the first 8 hours after landing or sttart of recovery? Priority 2
What maintenance repair priority level should be assigned to perform routine repair of AGE and repair cycle assets? Priority 4
What maintenance repair priority level should be assigned to perform routine repair of AGE and repair cycle assets? Priority 5
If a change is made to the repair priority level, does the LRS parts delivery priority have to be changed to match it? No, not necessarily. Decision should be made by the Pro Super in coordination with MOC.
Which type of maintenance ensures that equipment is ready and available at the time of need? Off-equipment;On-equipment;Preventive;Corrective Preventive
Which of the following is used to highlight trends, benchmarks, or safety conditions relating to maintenance equipment, personnel, training, or processes? Cross-Tells;Self-inspections;Technical orders; National stock numbers Cross-tells
Who is the office of primary responsibility (OPR) for the Intermediate Repair Enhancement Program? Wing Commander;Wing vice-commander;Maintenance group commander;Maintenance group superintendent Maintenance group commander
Which maintenance capability category is performed at BACKSHOP LEVEL and consists of OFF-EQUIPMENT maintenance? Two-level maintenance;Organizational;Intermediate;Depot Intermediate
All requests for DEPOT LEVEL ASSISTANCE must be coordinated through? PS&D and MXG;PS&D and Analysis; QA and PS&D; QA and Analysis QA and PS
What do you call wing-level maintenance facilities providing intermediate-level maintenance repair support for multiple Air Force units within a particular theater of operations? Centralized Repair Facilities
What program promotes identifying and correcting system deficiencies BEFORE they affect combat capability? Reliability and Maintainability
Which category of Deficiency Report should you submit if the equipment has a deficiency that if uncorrected, may cause major loss or damage to equipment and no workaround is known? 1A;1B;2A;2B 1B
Which Maintenance Group agency provides technical assistance for Deficiency Reports to work center supervisors? Operating instructions
When Operating Instructions apply to multiple groups, they should be published as? Wing OIs
Which AFTO IMT is used to maintain a permanent history of significant maintenance actions on end-items of equipment? AFTO IMT 95
Printed copies of the AFTO IMT 95 are NOT required to accompany end items upon transfer? To/from locations that have access to the necessary maintenance information systems to retrieve the historical information
What AFTO IMT is used to document accumulated cycles, operating time and maintenance history, as well as, pertinent manufacturing data for JET ENGINE TURBINE WHEELS? AFTO IMT 95
Which IMDS-CDB subsystem provides the capability to track engine and their components for time-changes and inpections and establishes and maintains the istalled-on relationship between the engine and components? Comprehensive Engine Management System
Which IMDS-CDB subsystem allows users to track maintenance actions and has both maintenance and supply data? Maintenance Events
Which IMDS-CDB subsystem replaces the MDC system and provides maintenance personnel with the online capability to document, inquire and produce retrievals of maintenance actions? Job Data Documentation
Who guides the overall Data Integrity Team process and ensures the data provided to maintenance managers and supervison is meaningful and factual? Maintenance Management Analysis
In addition to being familiar with the unit's assigned weapon system(s), squadron representatives for the Data Integrity Team must be AT LEAST? A 5-level
What provides a measurement of unit performance and capability? Metrics
What are the two MOST COMMON types of PRIMARY MAINTENANCE metric indicators? Leading and lagging
Which primary maintenance metric indicator shows problems first, as they directly imapct maintenance's capability to provide resources to execute the mission? Leading
Which primary maintenance metric indicator shows and follows firmly established trands? Lagging
Which maintenance repair priority is designated only for aircraft that are on alert status of aircraft that are supporting the war plan or national emergency missions? 1
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