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bostda_Dutch Les 14

presentatiemap (de) folder with a presentation
geeneen not (a single) one
toen then
straks later, soon
uitzendbureau (het) employment agency (temporary)
gelukkig luckily, fortunately
gebouw (het) building
bereikbaar accessible, attainable
belangrijk important
leverancier (de) supplier
geschiedenis (de) history
oprichten to found
kantoormeubilair (het) office furniture
bureau (het) desk
bureaustoel (de) office or desk chair
kast (de) cupboard
(zich)specialiseren(in) to specialize in
opbergen to put away or to file
archiefkast (de) file cabinet
productie-afdeling (de) production department
personeel (het) personnel staff
het hebben over to talk about
laten zien to show
financieel financial
administratie (de) accounting
facturering (de) invoicing
commercieel commercial
overkant (de) opposite side
inkoop (de) purchase
portret (het) portrait
koningin (de) queen
koning (de) king
productiehal (de) production room
opslag (de) storage
grondstof (de) raw material
zwangerschapsverlof (het) maternity leave
ziek ill
tijdelijk temporarily
parttime part-time
werkzaamheden activities
geschikt suitable
kandidaat (de) candidate
afhandelen to settle to conclude
teruggaan go back
Koningin (de) queen
Koning (de) king
Kroonprins (de) crown prince
Kroonprinses (de) crown princess
Prins (de) prince
Prinses (de) princess
Koninkrijk (het) kingdom
Monarchie (de) monarchy
Democratie (de) democracy
Republiek (de) republic
President (de) president
Grondwet (de) constitution
Volk (het) people
Volkslied (het) national anthem
Politiek (de) politics
Politicus (de) politician
Regering (de) government
Overheid (de) authorities
Parlement (de) parliament
Eerst Kamer (de) Upper Chamber
Tweede Kamer (de) Lower Chamber
Ministerie (het) minister
Premier (de) premier
Minister-president (de) prime minister
Politieke partij (de) political party
Binnenlandse zaken (de) home affairs
Buitenlandse zaken (de) foreign affairs
Defensie (de) defense
Financien (de) finance
Volksgezondheid (de) public health
Werkgelegenheid (de) employment
Provincie (de) province
Gemeente (de) municipality
Ambassade (de) embassy
Consulaat (de) consulate
Ambassadeur (de) ambassador
Consul (de) consul
Verkiezing (de) election
Stemmen to vote
Stem (de) vote
Kiesrecht (het) right to vote
Kiezer (de) voter
Meerderheid (de) majority
Minderheid (de) minority
Created by: bostda
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