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PA German Ch 1 Pt 2

abbad'dich especially
aensere to answer
allgebott now and then
alsemol sometimes, at times
andwadde to answer
die Bauerei', Bauerei'e farm
bhalde to keep
es Bild, Bilder picture
bleiwe to remain
der Bu, Buwe boy
der Buchschtaab, -schtaawe letter of alphabet
buchschtaawier'e to spell
danke thanks, thank you
dann un wann now and then
darrich through
deheem at home
demar'riye this morning
denn .
desmol this time
druff on it upon it
duh to do
ebber someone
ebbes something
die Eck, Ecke corner
Eckball corner ball
ee one
elder older
erken'ne to recognize
etliche some, a few
der Fehler, Fehler mistake
fer for
figgere to figure (do math)
frieh early
die Froog, Frooge question
fuule to fool
gewwe to give
gleiche to like
grank sick
griesse to greet
gucke to look, peer
die Hand, Hend hand
heere to hear
hewe to lift
hinne in back, in the rear
iesi easy
immer always
iwwer over
es Kappibuch, -bicher copy book
ken, kee no, not a, none
der Kopp, kepp head
laafe to walk
lang long
laut loud, loudly
letz wrong
loofe to loaf
mache to make, to do
marriyeds mornings, in the morning
es Meedel, Meed girl
menscht most
minan'ner (mitan'ner) together
mol(l) once, at some time
die Mudderscchprooch mother tongue
nadier;lich naturally, of course
nau now
naus out
nei new
nemme to take
newwich beside, next to
niemand no one, nobody
noch still, yet
noch to
die Nochberschaft neighborhood
nucke to nod
nunner down
der Offe, Effe stove
oftmols often
pischbere to whisper
rechle to reckon (do math)
recht right, correct
renne to run
rum around
schee nice, beautiful
schpelle to spell
schpiele to play
schpot late
die Schprooch, Schprooche language
es Schtick, Schticker piece
en Schtick Babier a piece of paper
der Schuler, Schieler or (schuler) pupil
der Schulhof, -heef schoolyard
schwense to play hooky, bag school
die Schweschder, Schweschdere sister
sell that
so so, such
uff up
uffkoors of course
vun of, from
waarde to wait
der Winder, Windere winter
yederebber everyone
zamme together
zehe ten
die Zeit, Zeide time
zu to, too
zu closed
Created by: ahart223
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