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Ocular Pharma # 6

Lube/ Cyclosporine / Hyperosmotics

What are the three main viscoelastics? Sodium hyaluronate, Chondroitin sulphate, methylcellulose
Where are viscoelastics utilized? Surgery
Aqueous is produced by? Lacrimal gland
Mucin layer of tear film is produced by? Conjunctival goblet cells
Lipid layer of tear film is produced by? Meibomian glands
Name at least 6 type of drugs classifications that may lead to dry eye symptoms. Anti-­‐histamines, anti-­‐depressive, High blood pressure, hormones, diuretics, Beta blockers (heart med), Sleeping pills, appetite suppressants
What is the maximum number of times preserved artificial tears should be used in a day? 4
Name some topical eye drops that may contribute to dry eye. Glaucoma gtts [Beta blockers (Timolol), Prostaglandin analogues, CAI drops], "Red out" eye gtts
Purite and Na Perborate are what type of preservatives? "Disappearing" -break down to oxygen and water on touching the eyes
Emollients are used where? Eye ointments
Name three emollients? Lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum
What is the generic name for Restasis®? Cyclosporine
What type of drug is Restasis®? Immunosupressive - anti-inflammatory
How long does it take to achieve the full effect of Restasis®? 4-8 weeks, sometimes longer
Name two types of punctal plugs. Permanent and Collagen
How long do collagen punctal plugs work? 24, 48, or 72 hours (1-3 days)
What is Enuclene® used for? Cleaning prosthesis
Intraocular irrigating solutions should have a pH of ____ and a tonicity of ____. 7.4 / 0.9
What intraocular irrigating solution is used in cataract surgery for complicated cases? BSS Plus
What is the name of the irrigation contact lens used in severe chemical burns? Morgan lens
Name two topical hyperosmotic agents. 2-5% Sodium Chloride and Glycerine
What are hyperosmotic agents used for and what do you tell the patient? To reduce corneal edema (epithelial edema). Tell them they will sting
What agent is used for gonioscopy? Methylcellulose (Goniosol, Gonak)
Acetylcysteine is what type of drug? Mucolytic
Name five systemic disorders that may have dry eye problems. Sjögren’s, Graves, Sarcoid, Rheumatoid arthritis, Reactive arthritis, Aids, Rosacea, Bell's Palsy.
Created by: Leequa