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ITM skeletal system


how many bones in the body 206
irregular meshing of small bony plates in spongy bones is called... trabeculae
growth in the diameter of a bone is called... appositional growth
medullary canal is lined by which membrane endosteum
where two or more bones come together to form a joint is called... articulation
when joint movement aids in the absorption of synovial fluid, oxygen and nutrients weeping lubrication
thin cavities in the bony matrix that contain osteocytes are referred to as... lacunae
dense bundles of connective tissue comprised of colagen fibers which connect bones together are called... ligaments
a property of a substance in which deforming it slightly causes a minute electrical current to be produced is piezoelectric property
which cell is responsible for "chiseling away" by breaking down extra bone is called... osteoclasts
area of growth in a childs bone located between the diaphysis and the epiphysis is.. epyphyseal plate
building blocks of compact bone are referred to as... osteons
bluish white smooth slippery cartilage found at the end of bones is called... hyaline cartilage
tough fibrous connective tissue that covers the outside of the bone is called... periosteum
shaft of a long bones is called... diaphysis
deficiency of active Vit. D that prevents the absorption of CA (calcium) through the intestines rickets
which medical term is used to describe golfers or pitchers elbow medical epicondylitis
immune related disease that is characterized by swelling of joints is... rheumatioid arthritis
allow "no" movement synarthrotic
freely moveable diarthrotic
"some" movement allowed amphiarthrotic
disease where Ca (calcium) is lost and fibrous tissues and blood vessels replace bone paget's disease
degeneration and necrosis of femoral head and recalcification legg-calve perthes disease
rapid growth and overuse causes tibial tubercle to separate osgood schlatter disease
inflammation of bone, bone marrow or periosteum osteomyelitis
tuberculosis of the spine pott's disease
pathological changes due to diminished blood supply osteonecrosis
spine fails to fuse spina bifida
syndrome with widespread pain, fatigue fibromyalgia
twitch of "entire" muscle cramp
lateral curvature of spine scoliosis
displaced bones dislocation
twisted fracture of bones spiral
viral infection of nerves that control skeletal muscle movement, can be fatal poliomyelitis
muscle contractions that do not produce movement isometric
contraction of a muscle that produces movement at a joint isotonic
any muscle inflammation, including that caused by a muscle strain is... myositis
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