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ITM final exam

ch 1-4 pathology, physiology, anatomy

different tissues organized to work toward common goals are called... organs
which cavity contains components of nervous system dorsal cavity
what is "not" a branch of anatomy dissective
what is the correct progression from "smallest to largest" atom, molecule, cell, tissue, organ, system, organism
what word means "laying on ones back" supine
the thoracic cavity is separated from the abdominopelvic cavity by ... diaphragm
what is "not" one of the 9 abdominal regions upper right
smallest living organism cell
anatomy is defined as... the study of the structure of the body and the relationship of its parts
what is "not " a characteristic of life regeneration
the special molecule used by the cells of the body to supply energy for anabolism adenosine triphosphate ATP
the maintenance of an optimal internal environment is called... homeostasis
which plane divides the body into left and right sagittal
anything that interrupts the maintenance of homeostasis... stress
physiology is defined as... the study of the functions of living organisms and their parts
which is "not" a part of the feedback loop neural net
when something is distal with respect to something else, this means that it is... further
which plane divides the body into front and back coronal
the characteristic of life in which an organism has the ability to sense, monitor and respond to changes responsiveness
a proton carries which kind of charge positive
synonym for medial is... midline
single, largest deterrent to the spread of disease is... hand washing
collection of signs and symptoms that present a clear picture of an illness or condition is... syndrome
what is the name given to the CDS guidelines for the prevention of the spread of disease universal precautions
disease process in which the signs and symptoms appear suddenly, persist for a short period of time and then disappear acute illness
study of all factors involved in causing a disease is referred to as... etiology
an opportunistic illness is... one that takes advantage of a compromised immune system in order to attack the body
which disease is caused by a bacteria botulism
intracellular parasite consists of nucleic acid core DNA/RNA surrounded by protein coat is... D virus
objective abnormalities that can be seen or measured by someone other than the patient sign
one celled organism larger than bacteria protozoa
response that is considered normal body process which usually speeds recovery inflammation
during inflammatory response there is an increase in the permeability of the blood vessel walls which allows water to leak out of vessels into tissues and causes... edema
medical professional is unable to determine the cause of a disease idiopathic
disease process that developes slowly with vague signs and symptoms that can change and persist for long periods of time is referred as... chronic
which disease is "not" caused by malnutrition lupus
a disease that can be passed from one person to another is said to be... communicable
problems of a climate and pollution are part of which type of risk factor environmental factors
the organized study of the underlying physiological processes associated with a disease pathophysiology
forms finger like projections papilloma
tissue breaks down degeneration
small pigmented tumors nevus
tumor arises from adipose tissue lipoma
tumor that involves the tissues of bone osteoma
tumor that arises from cartilage tissue chondroma
cancer that migrates from a primary tumor metastasis
abnormal tissue growth neoplasm
tiny cells without nuclei secrete toxins called... bacteria
large one celled organisms having organized nuclei protozoa
energy is obtained by breaking molecular bonds catabolism
energy is stored by forming new molecular bonds anabolism
basic structural unit of an organism cell
move the foot downward plantar flexion
decrease the angle between two bones flexion
turn the hand downward pronation
divides the body into superior and inferior transverse plane
divides body into anterior and posterior coronal plane
transformation, production, consumption of energy is called... metabolism
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