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Army Programs

A list of army programs

What does ASAP stand for? Army substance abuse program
what is the mission of ASAP? To strengthen the overall fitness and effectiveness of the ARMY's workforce and to enhance combat readiness
What are the objectives of ASAP? 4; Increase individual fitness. to educate, deter and treat about drug and alcohol abuse. Reduce the risk of drugs and alcohol of ruining soldiers. and allow soldiers to find help for their issues.
what is meant by the de glamorization of alcohol? No one will promote the use of alcohol by having it in games, contests, initiations or as a prize in contests.
which army regulation covers ASAP? AR 600-85
Is ASAP mandatory for command referrals? Yes. Failure can result in a violation of article 86 of UCMJ. Absence without leave.
What will happen to soldiers who fail to participate or fail at rehabilitatioin? administrative seperation. They may be provided another opportunity under rare circumstances.
What are ways(5) soldiers can be identified as having a substance abuse problem? Voluntary Supervisor Biochemical Medical Investigation or apprehension.
What are the objectives of rehabilitation with ASAP? Return soldiers to duty. Identify soldiers who cannot be helped. Assist and refer soldiers who cannot be helped to facility when they get out. Help resolve drug and alcohol abuse issues in the family.
What are the objectives(3) of bio-chemical testing (also called a urinalysis)? Deter soldiers from using drugs. Help with early identification of abusers. Enable commanders to assess security, fitness, discipline and to use info to take action.
commanders may direct drug testing under what conditions(8)? Unit inspections. Search and seizure. Competence for duty. Rehabilitation. Mishap or safety inspection. Consent. New entrant. Medical.
All ASAP referrals are accomplished by the commander or 1sgt using what form? DA 8003 referral form.
can soldiers enrolled in ASAP reenlist? No. But they can extend for the months needed to complete their rehab.
Soldiers who are command referred are flagged? Yes, under AR 600-8-2 Suspension of favorable personnel action
What does ACS Stand for? Army Community Service
What does ACS Symbol represent? Heart = giving, cross = help, gyro = stability.
ACS Mission statement Facilitate commanders ability to provide comprehensive coordinated and responsive services to support readines of soldiers, civs, and family.
Which reg covered ACS? AR 608-1
How is ACS Staffed? Volunteers
ACS Motto(3) Self help, service and stability
Who qualifies for ACS? All active duty, retired and family. Air national guard, and reserve when activated. Army appropriated fund, and non appropriated fund employees.
How can you help ACS? Donate food staples, usable household goods, and volunteer time.
Which regulations covers ACES? AR 621-5
What regulation covers Army Learning Centers? AR 621-6
Goal of ACES? Support enlistment and retention of soldiers. Provide self development opportunities to soldiers and family, DACS, DACS ACES professional support and staff.
What does TABE stand for? Test of adult basic education
How much of tuition does tuition assistance grant pay? 100%
Name federal financial aid programs available to soldiers(3)? Pell grant Perkins Loans Guaranteed student loans
What are some of the basic services offered by army continuing education center(6)? Basic skills education program Advanced skills education program High school completion Service members opportunity colleges associates degree program. Vet educational assistance/Montgomery GI Bill Skill recognition programs.
What soldier development program does ACES Provide? Functional academic skills training High school completion English as second language Mission related language Mission required language MOS Improvement training.
What does Dantes Stand for? Desired activity for non traditional education support
What does dantes do? Standard testing services for free to soldiers and families.
Soldiers who began active service after what date are eligible for new GI bill? july 1985. but you have to pay 100 a month for the first year.
Created by: XcharX
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