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Amendments 1-27


which Amendments are considered you "bill of rights" Amendments 1-10
What 5 things are guaranteed by the 1st Amendment? 1. Religion 2.Speech 3.Press 4.peaceful Assembly 5. petiton
The 4th Amendment protects you from what actions? Unreasonable searches and Seizures
which amendments requires the govt. to provide a warrant for searches? 4th Amendment
what is forbidden by the 8th Amendment? Cruel or unusual Punishment, and excessive bail or punishment.
what does it mean to "Plead the fifth" You don't have to answer any questions that will make you look guilty.
what other protections are guaranteed by the 5th Amendment? No Double Jeopardy, Self-incrimination clause, due process clause.
what right is guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment? Right to own a gun!!
what is the minimum value of a civil lawsuit? Which Amendment Declares this value? 20 Dollars 7th Amendment
what amendments are considered the "civil war" Amendments? 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments
what was abolished by the 13th? Granted by the 15th? Slavery African American Males right to vote
What were the provisions of the 14th amendment? (what did it call for) South debt is paid by southerners and Norths debt is paid by everybody.
which amendments are considered the "progressive era" Amendments? 16th, 17th, 18th, and 19th Amendments
What was legalized by the 16th Amendment? Income taxes
The 17th amendment calls for direct election for what political office? Senators
What was Outlawed by the 18th Amendment? Which amendment repealed the 18th Amendment? Alcohol 21st Amendment
Who gained the right to vote with the 19th amendment. Women (all females)
what was changed by the 20th amendment? What is the nickname for this amendment? inauguration day Lame Duck
what tax was banned with the 24th Amendment? Poll Taxes
How many Total terms can a president serve? How many Total year? 2 Terms 10 Years
How long did it take to ratify the 27th amendment? What did it Change? More than 2 Hundred years No Congressional pay raises until election occurs
which amendment is popular among members of the NRA (National Rifle Association) 2nd Amendment
Which Amendment was created to reduce the risk of ties in presidential elections due to parties forming? 12th Amendment
According to the 10th amendment, powers not mentioned fall to what level of government? State
Can you be forced to house a solider in your home? Which Amendment Bans this? No 3rd Amendment
Which amendment reinforced he rights to Due process for all citizens after the civil war? 14th Amendment
Washington D.C. was granted electoral votes following the passage of the ___ Amendment. 23rd Amendment
Which Amendment States that the people still retain rights not mentioned in the Constitution? 9th Amendment
Criminal trials are protected by the 6th amendment. what rights are guaranteed by the 6th Amendment? Speedy and Public trial, trial by jury, Right to attorney, know what your charges are, and who the witnesses are.
Which amendment lowered the Voting age? What is the voting age? 26th Amendment 18 years old
are there any restrictions to your first amendment freedoms? To protect others, Decency Laws, Truthful. not 100% free
which amendment protects you from cruel and unusual punishment? 8th Amendment
which amendment was ratified differently than the rest? How was it ratified? 21st Amendment by the state conventions
what amendment deals with presidential succession and vacancies? 25th Amendment
who fills an executive branch vacancy? Vice president
If a president chooses to temporarily step down, who must he tell? Congress
What is significant about Gerald Ford? First President never elected to executive office
which amendment guarantees you access to council? (a lawyer)
Created by: Riverdale