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CDCs Volume 2

Food Service

When are floors swept and mopped? After each meal period
What equipment needs to be cleaned quarterly to reduce the risk of fires? Ventilation hoods
When are beverage dispensers cleaned? Daily
Danger zone 41-140
What is the maximum time frame in which leftovers must be used? 7 days
What is the purpose of sauteing food? Minimize water/vitamin loss, maximize browning/flavor
What is the main difference between broiling and grliling? Gravity
What is the temperature range for deep fat frying? 325-400
What should be considered when selecting the best serving tool for the food item being served? ACTSS - Appearance, Composition, Texture, Size, Shape
What is the most important management device when preparing large quantities of food? Waste control
What factors contribute to plate waste? Portion control, unpopular dishes, improper servings
What is the Air Force Corporate Food Service Recipe System (AFCFSRS) and what is it designed to do? Maintains the database for recipe index, CFS menu, brunch/lunch and holiday menus - to account for food dollars spent at the installation level
What is the purpose of the uncosted item report? Detect usage of items that exceed on-hand summary
What is the purpose of the cash reconciliation report? Consolidates all funds from all facilities on base
Name the three types of journals Transaction, Sales, History
Three types of HISTORY journals Purchase, Cost Correction, Adjustments
What document do you use to report food that does not meet specification requirements for your dining facility? Unsatisfactory Material Report (UMR)
Perishable food storage temperatures: Fresh meats and poultry - 32-36 Milk, Eggs - 38-40 fresh fruits and veggies - 40-45
What is the temperature of the semi-perishable storage area? 50-68
Who conducts the fiscal year inventory? Disinterested party
Non-automated facilities use what form to transfer food? AF Form 3516, Food Service Inventory Transfer Receipt
When the PV substitutes an item, what standard must the item meet? Approved, same type, quality and size
At what point in t he deployment are three UGR meals served a day? Day 15-29
The CDK is capable of feeding how many personnel, how often? 500 ppl twice a day
Who approves all bottled food and water sources in a deployed environment? US Army VETCOM
What form provides an account for all meals served in the DFAC? AF Form 1119-1, Manual Monthly Monetary Report
The Cash Reconciliation Report is attached to what form? DD Form 1131, Cash Collection Voucher
Which form is used to report cash overages and shortages? DD Form 1131, Cash Collection Voucher
Which report summarizes results from processed items transactions? Sales and Cost report
Which journal contains info about PROCESSED transactions? History Journal
In what journal do we find all process negative adjustments for a given inventory period? Adjustment History Journal
What is contained in the Cash Reconciliation Report? Count, description, reporting period total, and unit name
Which report detects usage of an item that exceeds on hand summary? Uncosted Items Report
What is the On-Hand Summary? Dollar value of opening inventory
What do we use to forecast sustinence needs? Menu Recapitulation
Which journal contains info about transactions that have NOT been processed? Transactions Journal
On which form do we report food that does not meet specification requirements? DD Form 1608, Unsatisfactory Material Report
Which form accounts for signatures on the AF Form 79? AF Form 1254
On what form does the pulic health inspector report food unfit for human consumption? AF Form 3515, Food Service Inventory Transfer Receipt
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