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Contact Lab Exam

What is another name for a keratometer? ophthalmometer
What is the keratometer mainly used for? measure the radius of curvature of the cornea
What are some other uses for the keratometer? follow up K's; check the fit of a soft C/L; check flexing of GP lens; with Con-Ta-Check attachment we can check the base curve of a GP lens
What is the index of refraction used to calibrate the keratomenter? N of tears 1.3375
What are the keratometer power drums calibrated in? Diopters
What is an attachment to the keratometer used to measure the corneal curvature values across multiple points on the cornea? Topogometer
What is the normal keratometer diopter range? 36.00 to 52.00
What is the extended keratometer diopter range? 30.00 to 61.00
Which lens is used to extend the keratometer range for a patient having a cornea flatter than normal range? -1.00
Which lens is used to extend the keratometer range for a patient having a cornea steeper than normal? +1.25
What is transient mire distortion caused by? Dry eyes, but blinking should clear the mires
What are irregular mire distortions that don't clear up after blinking caused by? Keratoconus; corneal warpage; injury; surgery; overwear of contact lenses
What is with the rule astigmatism? Cornea has the flattest meridian horizontally; 0-30 degrees and 150-180 degrees
What is against the rule astigmatism? Cornea has the flattest meridian vertically; 60-120 degrees
What is oblique astigmatism? When the principle meridians are located diagonally from one another; 31 to 59 degrees and 121-149 degrees
What is irregular astigmatism? The two principle meridians are not 90 degrees from one another.
What is the average blink rate? every 3-6 seconds; 10-17 times per minute
What is the average BUT? 10-12 seconds
What is the average palpebral fissure? 10-10.5 mm
What is the average HVID (horizontal vertical iris distance)? 11.5 mm
What is the average pupil diameter? 4.5 -5 mm
What are some respiratory disorders that could effect contact wear? Rhinitis; sinusitis; hay fever; asthma; allergies
What problems do respiratory disorders cause that effect contact wear? enlarged blood vessels; photophobia; itching; lacrimation; burning; ocular sensitivity; debris in the tears
Patients with respiratory disorders would be best fit with _________? single use
What problems will patients with diabetes have with contact wear? have a higher risk of infection, due to decreased healing process; need more follow-ups; need to be warned about over-wearing, cleaning properly, throwing out when supposed to
Patients with diabetes are good candidates for single use depending on the ________? prescription
What type of endocrine (hormonal) changes effect contact wear and why? Pregnancy, menopause, and the use of birth control pills; causes dry eyes and deposits on lenses
How does thyroid disease effect contact wear? protrusion and drying of the eyes can cause the lens to dislodge easier
What problems does rheumatoid arthritis cause for wearing contacts? dry eyes and may have problem handling lenses
What type of skin diseases can effect contact wear if they are found around the eyes? Seborrhea; psoriasis; neurodermatitis; blepharitis; rosacea; eczema
What type of medications effect contact wear? Acutane; Dyazide and Lasix; Lanoxin; Donnatal; Valium; Antihistamines; Decongestants
What complications can medications cause that effect contact wear? dry eyes; photophobia; fluctuation in vision; decreased corneal sensitivity; decreased blink rate; mydriases; also can effect lids and conjunctiva
What is another name for the slit lamp? Biomicroscope
What magnification should we start with during a slit lamp exam? 6X or 10X
What type of illumination should we start with during a slit lamp exam? low illumination
How much of angle should be between the light and the microscope? 45-50 degree
What should the height of the light be to begin with? 12 mm
What should the width of the light beam be to begin with? 2-3 mm
Where should the light beam be to begin with while you are making adjustments? On the outer canthus
What does all the focusing on the slit lamp? joystick
When using the slit lamp, where should your hands be positioned? One on the slit width control knob and one on the joystick
*Look over all illuminations in notes* Diffuse; Parallel Piped; Optic Section; Specular Reflection; Conical Beam; Retro; Sleratic Scatter; Tangential
*Look over the colors for slit lamp and what they are used for* Blue, Green, and White
What soaps are best used for hand washing? Ivory, Pure and Natural, Neutrogena; Optical Soap
What is the proper hand washing procedure? Remove jewelry; Turn on faucet using paper towel; wet hands; apply soap; keep hands at a lower angle; rub hands together vigorously, wash both sides; rinse; dry start with finger tips to wrist; turn off using a clean paper towel
How are rigid lenses cleaned? with 2-4 drops of Boston cleaner; using pinky rub from center to the outer edge (not in circles) flip over, clean the other side; hold lens and rinse with saline or water; pat dry
What is the proper procedure for eye wash station? flush 3 minutes once per week
What is the emergency phone number? 882-4500
What is the topographer used for? produces color-coded maps to the cornea to show where it is the flattest and weakest
What do the blue (cool) colors represent on a topography map? Flat curves
What do the red (hot) colors represent on a topography map? steep curves
What are other names for the topographer? video keratoscope and photokeratoscope
What are other names for the measuring magnifier? Loupe/Monocular Magnifier/Handheld Magnifier
What is the measuring magnifier used for? 7x or 10x magnification; magnifies to inspect lens; can also measure diameter, PPC, and seg height; and optical zone
What is another name for the radiuscope? radiusguage
What does the readiuscope measure? Base curve
What are other names for base curve? posterior peripheral curve; peripheral posterior curve
What is another name for the shadowgraph? Projection magnifier
What is the shadowgraph used for? projects and magnifies; used to inspect contacts and measure diameter, optical zone, and peripheral curves
What is the fluorescent tube light used for? To evaluate the blends; look for J or ski-edge
What is the profile analyzer used for? To inspect blends and junctures
What is the Con-ta-check also known as? Lenscometer
What is con-ta-check? attachment to keratometer used to measure base curve of a GP lens
What is another name for Burton Lamp? Wood's Light; invented by Robert Wood
What is the burton lamp? hand held instrument used to evaluate the cornea and contact in situ; can also be used to view staining and for BUT
What is the CT Gauge also known as? Dial Gauge; Thickness Gauge
What is the thickness gauge used for? to measure the center thickness of a GP lens
What is another name for diameter gauge? Slot gauge, V-groove
What is diameter gauge used for? Measure the diameter of a GP lens
What are the other names for the Lensometer? Vertometer; Focimeter; Lensmeter
What is the lensometer used for? measure the power of the GP lens
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