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BM Bowel Movement
BP Blood Pressure
c w/a line over it With
CBC Complete Blood Count
DSD Dry Sterile Dressing
Het Hematocrit
Hgb Hemoglobin
MAR Medication Adm inistration Record
NPO Nothing By Mouth
I&O Intake and Output
IV Intravenous
noc Night
OTC Over The Counter
PO or po By Mouth
PR Per Rectum
ROM Range of Motion
Tx Treatment
S w/a line over it Without
TPR Temperature, Pulse & Respiration
VS Vital Signs
Wgt Weight
c/o Complaint of
FSBS Finger Stick Blood Sugar
FBS Fasting Blood Sugar
ac Before Meals
SL or sl Sublingual
gr Grain
i or ii* One or Two
pc* After Meals
mEq Milli Equivalents
ASA Aspirin
Ca Calcium
Cl Chloride
APAP Acetaminophe4n
DSS Colace
FeSO4 Ferrous Sulfate
H2O Water
H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide
I Iodine
K Potassium
KI Potassium Iodine
KCL Potassium Chloride
LiCO3 Lithium Carbonate
MG Magnesium
MOM Milk of Magnesia
MS Morphine Sulfate
Na Sodium
NaCL Sodium Chloride
NS Normal Saline
NTG Nitroglycerine
O2 Oxygen
SSKI Saturated solution of Potassium Iodine
N & V Nausea & Vomiting
AD right ear
AS left ear
AU both ears
ad lib as patient desires
bid or BID two times per day
cap capsule
cc cubic centimeter
d/c or D/C discontinue
GM or gm or G gram
gtt(s) drop(s)
HS hour of sleep
I.U. international units
Mcg microgram
mg milligrams
ml milliliter
OD right eye
OS left eye
OU both eyes
oz ounce
prn as needed
Q or q every
qd or QD once a day
qh every hour
q2H, q4H, q8H every 2,4,8 hours
qhs every night at bedtime
qid or QID four times a day
qod or QOD every other day
susp suspension
tab tablet
Tinct. or tc tincture
T or Tbs tablespoon
t or tsp teaspoon
U or Unit unit
ung or oint ointment
i or ii (with or without a line over it) one or two
pc (with or without a line over it) after meals
mEq milli equivalents
Amphetamine Cerebral stimulant
Analgesic pain reliever
Antacid prevents or relieves gastric distress
Antianxiety (Benzodiazepines) prevents or relieves anxiety
Antiarrhythmic (Heart Rhythm Regulators) prevents or relieves irregular heartbeat
Antiasthmatic (Bronchodilator) prevents or relieves respiratory distress
Antibiotic resolves infection
Anticoagulant prevents blood clotting
Anticonvulsant (Antiepileptics) prevents or controls seizures
Antidepressant prevents or relieves the symptoms of depression
Antidiabetic controls diabetes, decreases blood sugar
Antidiarrheal controls diarrhea
Antiemetic controls nausea and vomiting
Antifungal resolves fungal infection
Antihistamine relieve allergic symptoms
Antihyperlipidemic decreases cholesterol and triglycerides
Antihypertensive controls high blood pressure
Anti-inflammatory: Steroid Decreases inflammation, swelling, pain; naturally occurring hormone
Anti-inflammatory: NSAID Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug, synthetic
Anti-ovulant prevents ovulation, birth control medication
Antiparkinson controls tremors which are symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Antipruritic relieves itching
Antipsychotic (Neuroleptics) controls systems of psychotic diseases such as schizophrenia
Antipyretic reduces fever
Antispasmodic prevents muscle spasms
Antitussive (Cough Suppressant) relieves cough
Cardiac Drugs drugs which slow and regulate the heartbeat
Coagulants causes blood to clot
Decongestant relieves congestion
Diuretic relieves fluid retention
Electrolyte Supplement replaces depleted body chemicals
Emetic causes vomiting
Expectorant loosens secretions so they can be coughed up
Hormonal Replacements replaces hormones in the body
Hypnotic (Sedative) causes sleep
Laxative (Cathartic) causes bowel movement
Miotic causes constriction of the pupil of the eye
Muscle Relaxant Relaxes skeletal muscle
Psychotropic any mind altering drug, i.e. antipsychotic, antidepressant, anti-anxiety, hypnotics
Stool Softener draws fluid into the GI tracts to soften stool
Sulfa Drugs treats urinary tract infection
Vaccine prevents disease
Vasodilator relaxes and dilates blood vessels
Vitamin Supplement replaces vitamins
ASA aspirin
kg kilogram
L liter
mm millimeters
1 teaspoon = _____cc 5cc
1 tablespoon = _____tsp = _____cc 3 tsp, 15 cc
1 ounce = ___tbl = _____cc 2 tbl, 30 cc
1 kilogram = ________grams 1000
1 gram = ______milligrams 1000
1 milligram = _____micrograms 1000
0.5 grams = ____grams = _____ milligrams 1/2 grams, 500 milligrams
65 milligrams = ___grain 1 grain
1 liter = ______ milliliters 1000
1 meter = ______ millliliters 1000
liter measures ______ volume
meter measures _______ length
gram measures _______________
When admininstering meds, the labels need to be checked against the MAR 3 times before med is passed. these are: Before pouring the med Immediately after pouring the med Before administering med
the 4 links in the chain of infection are? a germ a place for germ to live a susceptible hosta way for the germ to enter the host
what are three different ways a germ can enter host: direct contact Indirect contact Airborne contact
the 7 rights of medication administration are: right person, right med, right dose, right time, right route, right to know, right to refuse
What is the 8th right of med administration? the right documenation
Sources of medication are plants, animals, minerals, factories, microorganmisms
What 3 places do Schedule II drugs need to be recorded? MAR, Individual Narcotic Record, Bound Book
How many days does a physician have to sign and return a telephone order 5 Working days
Name 2 requirements of diabetes insulin training Foot care insulin storage
Orders of psychotropic meds are approved for how long 3 months or 90days
How are scheduled II drugs stored Under double lock in a separate locked box with in the med cabinet or an approved double locked cabinet attached to the wall
Destruction of meds must take place with in how many days 60 days
How are external meds stored Separate from meds to be taken internally
who determines that a resident may administer his or her own meds a team of people. the resedent, the reseidents legal representative, licensed practitioner, and the facility reprsentative
who is allowed to take telephone orders RN,LPN or Pharmacist only
how many days does a pharmacist have to replace a soiled label 2 working days
who is allowed to teach the use of a breathing apparatus Anyone qualified or an expert in the field
who has ultimate responsibility to ensure all meds are passed in a safe and proper manner The administrator
name two items that must be on a prescription label expiration date, prescription number
how often do scheduled meds have to be counted if not in use, but stored in the building at least weekly
what type of book do scheduled II drugs have to be documented in besides the MAR. Bound Book
Can meds be borrowed from one resident to the next No
Can paper med cups be reused No
When an RN teaches an inservice, where must the documentation be filed In the employee file
If a resident goes out on a LOA for less then 72 hours, can the meds be repackaged. Yes
When urine testing is required, where is the urine disposed of. Toilet
How often must a CRMA be recertified Every two years
If a resident needs to take 2tsp of maalox how many ml do you give 10 ml
If a resident drinks 8 oz of juice at breakfast, how many cc is this 240cc
If the order reads give Tylenol 500mg and the container says that they are 250mg each how many do you give. Two
An order is written for Antivert 25mg po tid The label reads 10 mg per tablet how many tablets do you give 2 and a 1/2
Phenobarb elixir 10mg po is ordered. The elixir comes prepared as 20mg/5cc How much elixer do you give
If an order says to give Tylenol 400mg twice a day what will the total daily dose be 800 mg
If the order says to give Robitussin 30cc how many ml is this
If the order says to give Robitussin 30cc how many ounces is this one oz
If an order says give 2 tsp how many mls is this 10
An order written for Zoloft 25mg and you have 50mg on hand how many are you going to give half
An order is written for ASA 81mg one po daily what is the total daily doesage 81 mg
If the order reads Antivert 25 mg and you have 5mg on hand, how many tablets will you give 5
How many tsp are in an ounce 6
How many TBS are in an ounce 2
How many (DSSP) Double tsp are in an ounce 3
What is missing Altrace 20 mg 1 tab for hyper tention route and time
What is missing Digoxin 2 tablets qd po for bad heart dosage
What is missing Methicillin 500mg q6h for bronchitis route and length of time to give
What is missing Liquid Antacid 30cc q4h prn for heart burn route and how many doses allowed in 24hrs
What is missing Tylenol 325 mg 1-2 tablets po prn q4h for fever, headache, pain it can not say 1-2 it has to clearly say one or two
Rita Booth is given the for pills which belong to her room mate Ruth A. Type of error____________________ B. Danger to client_________________ C. Prevent this by __________________ A. wrong person B.Med effects in wrong persons body C. Properly identifying the right person
John received his 8pm Ambien at 8am. A. Type of error____________________ B. Danger to client_________________ C. Prevent this by __________________ A. Wrong time B. sedative effect C. Administrating at correct time
Staff gave Mike 20cc of liquid Phenobarbital. Order read 2.0cc A. Type of error____________________ B. Danger to client_________________ C. Prevent this by __________________ A. Wrong dosage B. OVERDOSE C.Paying strict attention to the amount ordered
Diamox given instead of Diuril A. Type of error____________________ B. Danger to client_________________ C. Prevent this by __________________ A. Wrong med B. Side effects C. Check label against MAR ever time
The medication is ordered q12h and is scheduled to be given at 8am and 5pm A. Type of error____________________ B. Danger to client_________________ C. Prevent this by __________________ A. wrong time B. to close in time C. med should be given in an equally spaced 24hr period
Mary was given 80 mg of Prolixin instead of 80 mg of pepcid. A. Type of error____________________ B. Danger to client_________________ C. Prevent this by __________________ A. wrong med B. side effects of med C. reading label and comparing to MAR
Depakote order changed from 2 pills of 300mg to 3 pills of 300mg on Jan 3. On Feb 1, it is noted that 2 pills have been being giving. A. Type of error____________________ B. Danger to client_________________ C. Prevent this by __________________ A. wrong transcription B. underdosing C. make sure transcribed properly, everyone notified and label changed if necessary.
ry, the new CRMA, ask Bob(the client) which one of the ladies is Rita Burke, because she does not know her. A. Type of error____________________ B. Danger to client_________________ C. Prevent this by __________________ A. breach in confidentiality B. could be disastrous C. Check picture in the MAR book.
An a typical pulse is taken on the wrist True or False False
An apical pulse is taken by using 2 fingers over the pulse site. True or False False
A normal adult pulse range is 60-100 True or False True
A body temperature is 98.6 True or False True
A normal BP reading could be 110/72 True
A normal adult respiration count is 28.32 True or False False
If you are unable to obtain a BP reading after pumping and delating the cuff,you can re-inflate the cuff on the same arm immediately. True or False False
It is ok to take a pulse for 15 sec and multiply it by 4 when not in an emergency situation. True or False False
BP should be taken on a bare armor through a very thin fabric sleeve. True or False True
A radial pulse is taken on the wrist. True or False True
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